Monday, December 21, 2009

Under The Christmas Tree-Nick Christmas visual

It was Christmas morning. The sun was shining, even though it was still snowing. I wake up from my comfortable,warm bed in room. I went to the living room to see what I got.While looking at my gifts, I felt a hand, gently brushing across my face. It tickled and I almost jumped. I opened my eyes and there was Nick under the tree. He looks at me and touched my face.

He was shirtless and there was a big red bow around his waist. I pulled him up from under the tree and just looked into his beautiful blue eyes.

Then, he whispered to me "Merry Christmas" and he softly kisses my lips.

He kissed me even though there's no mistletoe.I wrap my arms around his neck as we kissed beside the couch. I slowly untied the bow around his waist as his hands were going up and down my back under my long-sleeved pajamas. Then, his lips made a trail of kisses from my lips to my neck. I run my fingers through his blond hair as he was kissing me there. My hand slid down his face to his stomach while my other hand was on his back.

His kisses felt warm on my skin and body as he removed my pajama top. He kissed every inch of my chest. I felt his fingertips touching my stomach and circling my belly button. He replaced his fingers there with his lips and his tongue was circling my belly button. He comes back to my lips as my hands were stroking
his boxer short-covered butt.

I got up from the floor and said "Nick, let me show you to my room."as I took his hand and he followed me.

When we got to my room, I laid on the bed and Nick was behind me with his hands around my waist. He was kissing my neck.

I hear him whisper in my ear,"Oh baby, I just love making love to you. I love kissing you all over and touching your skin and hearing you moan."

He laid on top of me and kissed my lips. I look at his body and started to touch his chest and abs with my
hand.His hands were touching my body. In my hands, his skin was warm, smooth, and smelled of his favorite cologne, Gravity. I love it when he kisses my chest, neck, and tummy. I felt his member and it was smooth when I touched it.

Then,he slowly and deeply went inside me.I held onto him. Everything about Nick turned me on. I got up as Nick laid on my bed. I had a little surprise for him. I had a jar of edible white chocolate body paint. I began spreading on his abs. Slowly, I started licking it off him. He felt a little ticklish when I did it to him. Nick got up and with his fingers he made a trail of white chocolate down my spinal cord. From the waist up, he kissed and licked up my back up to my neck. I kissed his lips and licked them with my tongue. After that, he was just whispering sweet nothings in my ear as I laid down on my bed. With both of his hands, he applied the body paint on both of my breasts. He licked and sucked both of them as his chocolate body paint-covered fingers next to my lips as I licked them.

This was one of my best Christmas presents ever!


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