Thursday, August 27, 2009

Do You Want Me?-Nick vizzie/fan fic

I'm so lonely and yet upset. I was going through a long greiving period. Not only was my marriage crumbling, but I had also lost a baby. Two months ago,I had given birth to a daughter I named Christina Alicia. She was beautiful when I held her in my arms. But then a month and a half later, I lost her. She had a fatal birth defect. After that, I was told I couldn't have anymore children. That devastated me.Next thing you know, my husband hasn't touched me. I sat at home in my underwear.

Then, Nick came over to see me. He looked at my tear-stained face and kindly asked "What's wrong?".

I said "Nick, I'm so lonely. I lost my baby and my husband isn't interested in me anymore." I cried loudly in his arms as he gave me a big hug.

Then,he whispered, "Shhhh,it will be okay.I just can't believe he lost interest in you. Where is that jerk?".

I said "He's away on a trip." He wipes my tears and said "Let me make it all
better for you. Let me be your baby." as he kissed my lips.

He continued to kiss me as he carried me to the bedroom. He slowly laid me down on my bed. I watch as his hands were stroking my legs and he kissed my knee. I ran my fingers through his blonde hair as he laid on top of me and kissed my lips again.

He looks at my body ,seductively smiled "For one-time new mom, your body is very

I smiled back.I felt his hands cupping my large breasts under my lacy camisole. Then, he gently lifted my cami,exposing my breasts.When he slowly sucked the nipples on one of them, I felt the warmth of his mouth,giving shivers all over.It made me think of my baby when I began breastfeeding her. The sucking made me hot and a little horny at the same time. I let out a soft moan when Nick was doing that to both of them. I became more hot when he was squeezing and caressing my breasts with his hands and milk was coming out. He licked it off my body. His lips came up to my neck, softly licking and kissing me there.While he was doing that, I pulled the shirt off his amazing body. His hands were on my back,moving up and down. But his lips were moving all over my stomach. I was tickled yet turned when he kissed and licked me there and circling my belly button with tongue. He even sucked me there. I took off his pants, leaving him in his boxers. I laid him down and kissed and licked his body and tattoos. I kissed his neck and throat and licked his lips.

Nick got up
and pulled back the covers of my bed.I laid myself down on the bed
then he joined me.I feel his hands up and down my body as he slowly
removed my panties.Under the covers,I feel his fingers in my hot,wet
female center.I've gotten so hot and wet from when he played with my
boobs.He comes up to my face and kisses my lips.While we kissed,my
hand felt his hard member through his boxers.He pulled himself away
and whispered sweet nothings in my ear.At a slow pace, he removed my
lacy panties from my hips.Then,he went inside me deep and slow.He
kissed my breasts and held my hips while doing that.Nick slid under
the covers.I felt his tongue in my hot,wet,female center.My hands
were on his shoulders,holding on to him.I moaned and groaned as his
hands were touching my whole body.Then,he moves up to my face,looks
into my eyes and said "I love having sex with you.Can't believe your
husband has been ignoring you since you had and lost your baby
daughter." I smiled and said "I know.I love your kisses and your
touch.I've been wanting you,Nick.Whenever I would finish
breastfeeding Christina,I would make myself hot just thinking of
you.".He said"I've been wanting you too ever since I came up here to
see you."Nick came up to my face and kissed my lips,long and
passionate.I sat up in my bed as he was kissing my neck down to my
spine.His hands were on my breasts,gently
squeezing and touching them.I sat back on my pillows as Nick was in
front of me.He softly sucks the milk from my sore breasts.I was
getting hot by the minute and then I fingered myself as he kept
sucking and kissing them.He loves me a lot better than my
husband.Nick looked at me and said "Listen,why we don't we take a
shower and I can give you a massage and we'll make love again?"."I
love to." I said to him as we headed for the bathroom.I'm in the
bathroom,taking a shower.Nick opened the shower door.He looked at my
wet, naked body,seductively smiled, and whispered "Wow,I see that
pregnancy has done your body good."He stepped in the shower and
deeply kissed my lips.We both became wet.Our bodies rubbed against
each other.Then,he stood behind me and started rubbing Dove body
wash with a sponge,rubbing me all over.I could feel his hands
touching as we kissed and kissed.I rubbed soap all over his body.I
pulled him close to me.As we kissed,my hands softly touched his
butt.After our steamy shower,Nick gets a towel and began drying my
body in slow,circular motions.We returned to my bedroom,where I lay
on my stomach so Nick could massage me.He came in with a bottle of
body lotion in his hand.He applied the lotion on my back and with
both hands he rubbed it on me.His hands felt so good on my
body.Then,I laid on my back on the bed.I could feel his hands
massaging the lotion all over my body,making my skin soft.As he was
massaging me,I felt his lips kissing softly on my neck.His hands
were massaging and cupping my breasts.His lips moved down to them.He
started to suck one of them and licked one of its nipples.While he
was doing that,it was making me so wet that I had put two fingers
deep inside me.I kept doing that as he did that to my other
breast.Then,I touched his whole body as I kissed his neck and
nibbled on his ear.I made a trail of kisses down his body and began
licking his member.His moaning was turning me on.While I was licking
him,I heard him moaning and whispering,"Mmmm,I want you.I want you
so much.You're better off without that jerk husband of yours.".I got
up off him and said "OMG! Nick,you want me?"He looks at me with a
smile"Yes,I want you.I love everything about you.I would get so
hard,seeing you in the shower or when you feed your baby your
breastmilk,especially since I live next door to you.Do you want
me?"he replied.I said "I do want you,Nick.I would fantasize about
you whenever I see you."He happily gave me a hug.I love how his arms
are wrapped around me.Then,I crawled on his back and licked up and
down his spine and plant little kisses on his round,firm butt.He was
getting tickled by me.Then,I start to lick his neck.That was his
weak spot.I could hear Nick giggling when I licked him there.I got
up as he turned over to look at me and smiled as he touched my face
and his fingers run through my hair and traced my lips.I slowly laid
on top of his body as he wrapped his arms around me.I felt so safe
in his embrace.Then, the phone rang.It was my husband.I left the
bedroom and gave Nick a kiss.I started yelling at him for how he
treated me and told I'm sending him divorce papers.After that,I go
back to the bedroom and in Nick's arms,telling him it's over between
me and my husband.Nick was so happy about it,he gave me a long kiss
while his arms were around me.After the hug and kiss,Nick began
looking at my body while I was in his arms.I could his hand,slowly
rubbing my stomach up and down.I could feel him kissing my neck.Nick
and I decided to go to the kitchen for a little something to eat.I
got out the fruit and cheese platter from a party my husband and I
had.I sat on the kitchen counter as Nick began feeding me some
strawberries and I was feeding him some grapes. I got out the
whipped cream,spread it on his chest,got a strawberry and ate
it.Then I licked the cream off his body.While I was eating some
fruit and cheese, Nick began spreading the whipped cream on my
breasts and stomach with his fingers.I watched as he started licking
the cream off me.I could feel his lips,kissing and sucking every
inch of my breasts.I was getting more and more turned on everytime
he plays with them.He went down to my stomach where I can feel his
tongue around my bellybutton and licking my stomach.He picks me up
and carried me to my bedroom where the phone was ringing.After I
laid down,I picked it up and my husband was crying and begging me
not to divorce him.I hung up and unplugged the phone,so he won't
disturb me and Nick.I just love feeling Nick's skin upon mine.I love
how he would touch me and feeling soft,hot kisses all over my
body.He looks at my body and said "Mmmm,you looked hot in your
underwear,but hotter when you're naked.". I blushed and
said "Well,yeah.When I was pregnant,I would get horny and hot and
have a lot of sex dreams,some with you in it.Right now,few of them
have came true,here in my bedroom."Then, I laid on my stomach.I feel
his hand,stroking my back and ass and his other hand touching my
thighs.I felt his soft kisses and slow licks up and down my backside
and kisses on the back of my neck.While he was doing that,I could
feel his lips kissing my shoulders as well as neck and back.His
hands were cupping my breasts.The way he was licking and kissing my
backside sent shockwaves all over my body as I softly moaned and
groaned.He rolled me on my back.He got out a brightly-colored silk
scarf and covered my eyes with it.I asked "Why is this scarf
covering my eyes?".He said "I just want you to feel me love you,kiss
you,touch you,lick you."First,he slowly and deeply kisses my lips
with his tongue in his mouth.Then,I feel Nick's lips kissing all
over my face. and tongue kissing and licking down to my neck as his
body was on top of mine.My hands were placed on his back while his
hands were on my shoulders where his lips were.I felt his hands on
my breasts,massaging and caressing them as his tongue was licking my
nipples and softly kissing and sucking my breasts.I let out a
long,quiet moan.His hands were softly caressing my entire body as he
moved down to my stomach.I moaned as Nick was kissing and licking my
stomach,all while his tongue was circling my belly button.His hands
were touching both of my thighs and knees.I felt him licking my
thighs and his fingers deep inside my hot female center.I heard Nick
whisper "You're hot and wet,like silk." I was beginning to climax
when was doing that.Then,he replaced his fingers with mouth,sucking
and licking me down there.I felt as though I was going to burst.He
came back up to my mouth and kissed me deeply.I heard him
whisper "Mmmmm mommy,you taste so good."He pulls me up and kisses me

When it came to kissing,Nick's really good at it. While he was still kissing my lips,my hands were stroking his back up and down and started feeling his round bubble butt.

Then,I whispered "Baby,I just love feeling your butt. It feels so full in my hands."

He just smiled at me and said he just loves touching me and kissing every inch of
me. I could feel his lips kissing and licking next to my ear as he was whsipering sweet nothings in it. I lick my lips as I began licking the tattoos on his chest and arm. He was so ticklish when I did that to him. Then, I ran my fingers through his blonde hair as I gently licked and sucked his neck. I could hear him softly moan as I
was kissing him there. Nick's hands were rubbing my back as I was laying on his side. This is way better than sleeping alone for the past six weeks. I continue to enjoy's Nick's company. I'm in his arms. He continues to fondle my body. My hand went down was going up and down his well-built upper body. I began whispering sweet nothings in his ear while licking his neck and my other hand rubbing his member. His baby blue eyes began eyeing my body as he looks at my face. I just love the feel of his hand touching my naked body. He was rubbing my stomach as he just about to kiss my lips.

I could hear Nick whisper "Whenever I saw you feed your baby,I would imagine my mouth on your breast and I would get hard when you get yourself hot."

Then I said "Whenever I was done feeding my Christina,I would finger myself and squeeze my breasts until I would have an orgasm."

He smiled,looked at me and said "I'm really sorry about what you have gone through and all, but yet I am so glad I'm enjoying you. Your husband has absolutely no idea what he is missing".

Then, he kissed me so gently and yet so warm. I love it when Nick kisses my lips like this.

I asked "Nick, can you show how much you love me?".

He smiled at me and continued kissing my lips. His lips were so soft and so warm.I feel his hands gently caressing my skin and all over my body.I could feel his lips planting light, feathersoft kisses on my face. Slowly,his lips slid down to my neck. I pressed his body on mine as my hands were squeezing and kneading his bubble butt. As he was kissing my neck, I feel his hands squeezing and kneading my milkless yet still-big breasts. Quietly, I began moaning in his ear. I got turned on when he was doing that.Then,his lips went down to my breasts. I closed my eyes and just feel his warm mouth,kissing and sucking them. As he was doing that to me, I had a quiet orgasm.His hands slid down to my stomach and then my hips. I licked the tattoos on his shoulders, chest and then I licked across his lips.

While Nick was kissing and caressing me, I heard the front door open. My husband walked in on us. He was hurt and very sad and tears were running down his face. He was on his knees, begging, pleading, and crying, asking me to give him another chance. I told him how upset I was for not having any children and how depressed I was when he wouldn't touch me or have sex with me after having and then losing my baby.

My husband said, "I know,honey. I know. But please don't leave me just
because of what happened."

I said to him "Why should I give you another chance? I've gone through so much tragedy. Ever since I lost Christina,you didn't touch me,kiss me, or even try to make me feel better because you were caught up in work. She was your daughter! I was already depressed. I told my family and they were there for me when I lost her. My parents were sad. I'm not going through this anymore."

Then, he said "Honey, I'm sorry for leaving for my business trip instead of not comforting you. Please give me another chance."

I said, "It's a little late to apologize to me. This marriage between me
and you will be over since I'm divorcing you."

Nick came up to my husband and said "I'm in love with her, even if she can't have any
kids. She's lovely, sweet, beautiful, sexy,and you just ignore her.That's low."

As he was talking,Nick pulled me close to him and hugged me.

Then,he said "I hate to see her so lonely. You were so caught up in work, you didn't even take time to make her feel better. When I came over,she was crying. She doesn't deserve to be treated like this."

My husband then said to me "I've always loved you."

I said, "When? The only time we ever had sex was on our honeymoon and the only time you said 'I love you' was on our anniversary. I tried seducing you and everything, yet nothing seems to work. You were away so much, even when I was in the hospital. You were just disappointed and upset when I was told by my doctor that I wasn't going to have anymore children. It's bad enough that I lost a baby and I can't bear any children. It's a good thing I'm going back to my job because I don't need this." I said with tears welling up my eyes.

I added as I sat close to Nick "I'm glad Nick came over. At least he's keeping me
company while you were gone. I like how he makes me feel."

Nick turned and gave me a light kiss on the lips. As my husband was about to
leave, he said "I'm going to stay with David for a few days to clear my head." David's his best friend. When he walked out of the room, my best friend Amy came to the door.I put on my bathrobe, Nick put his clothes back on, kissed my lips, smiled and said "I'll be right next door if you need me". Nick went back to his house.

After he left, I opened the door for my best friend Amy. She asked "What was Nick doing with you?"

I said to her, "He was keeping me company while Bryan's away. Amy, I'm divorcing him."

Amy exclaimed, "You're leaving Bryan!? But why?"

I replied, "I'm divorcing Bryan because he hasn't been loving me like he should, especially since we had and lost our baby."

Amy gasped, " OMG!You lost baby Christina?"

I said, "Not only that, but Bryan and I can't have anymore children!"

Amy was sympathetic when she said "I'm so sorry to hear that. Why was Nick here with you?"

I looked down then I looked at her and said "I'm sleeping with Nick!"

Amy exclaimed, "You're sleeping with Nick?! Now I understand you're going through a very hard time and all, but why are you sleeping with a guy who's like a friend to you?"

I looked at her and said "He's more than just a friend. He's a friend with benefits and if I'm lucky me and Nick might become more than friends."

Amy was about to act like a detective when she asked,"How long have you been seeing Nick while Bryan's away?"

I responded, "Today. While Bryan was away on business, I was feeling depressed because of what I've been going through. Nick came over, comforted me, and we had sex in my bedroom throughout the day. Then, Bryan tried to call me, but I hung up on him and unplugged the phone. Anything else you want to know?"

"Yes, how was the sex?" Amy implied.

I repiled, "Really good. His kisses were soft and warm and passionate. His caresses were sweet and tender. He can kiss me in all the right places. I love how he touches my body and when he and Nick make love, it's nice, sensual, romantic and slow."

I continued, "We also took a steamy shower together in the bathroom, he gave me a massage,and we fed each other some fruit and cheese in the kitchen. Nick can love me better the Bryan."

Then, Amy asked "Did Bryan sign the divorce papers?"

I said, "He just got them, so I'm giving him a few days to sign the papers, so I can sign them and the divorce will be final."

Amy said "When I was at you and Bryan's house two weeks ago, I thought you the two of you were meant to be together. Can't you give him another chance?"

I looked at Amy and said, "Look, Amy, I'm moving on.Bryan was too busy to love or even spend time with me. Nick
has been wanting before I even married Bryan.I knew that I felt the
same about Nick when he came here.He treats me so good." After Amy left, all I've been thinking about was me and Nick.

I've thought about how good his kisses were.The feeling of having his mouth on my
breasts was so erotic. I loved how his hands were touching all over my voluptuous body. Oh, how he loved my body. And the thought of feeling his tongue on me. All these thoughts of him were running through my head. They were making me very hot and yet so horny. Then,I thought about having to seduce him. So I packed a few clothes including something more comfortable in my overnight bag. I walked over to Nick's house since he lives next door. He opened the door and greeted me with a smile. He then kissed me on the lips.

He pulled himself away "All I've been thinking about you and today when I came
over to your house. Just seeing you smile makes me so happy."

I looked at him as we sat on the sofa.His blue eyes looked into my brown eyes and started making out.After we kissed,Nick sat back and I was getting up. I sat on his lap.I watch his hands began touching me. His hands were feeling the curves of my voluptuous body.

I heard him whisper "Does anyone tell you what a hot body you have for someone
who was a new mom even though it lasted a few months?"

I said to him "No one,not even a man,has someone said that to me

"Well I guess I'm the first to say it." He said with a smile and a giggle.I giggled too. Then, I slowly pulled off the shirt off his body as he pulled me close to him. I just love the feel of his hands on my body. Especially when they're touching my hips, butt, and breasts.

He said to me "There's much more of you to love.I just
everything about you." I said "Same thing about you.Just so you
know,I've signed the divorce papers and I'm waiting for Bryan to
sign them and it will be done."

Nick just smiled at me.To me,Nick'slike a friend with benefits. I sat in front of him and then he was kissing my neck and shoulders as his hands were feeling my front
body. We sat on the floor. I sat on my knees as Nick crawled up to me and kissed me deeply. His arms were on my waist as he was kissing my neck.His hands were on my hips. Then, he slowly lifted my black sweater, revealing my stomach and my black satin bra-covered breasts.I felt his hand stroking me there. I closed my eyes,just to
feel his touch. I could feel his tongue slowly and softly licking me there.His tongue was making circles around my belly button. I let out a sigh. His fingers were tracing around my black satin bra that was covering my breasts. We went upstairs to his bedroom. He sat on his bed. Then, I told him I have to slip into something more

He said "Take your time".Minutes later,I came into the bedroom,wearing a black sheer baby doll with flocked chiffon heart trim along with my black bra and thong.

He looked at me and said, "Wow,baby,you look extremely sexy,especially when it fits all of your curves."

I smiled at him and "You know just how to say all the right things."

He kissed my lips and his hand was in my hair. We continue to kiss when I began removing his pants. I feel his hands on my back. I look at him with my bedroom eyes as I started kissing him from the neck up. I began licking his neck and sucking on his earlobe. He gently laid me down on the bed,resting my head on the pillow. I could feel his hand caressing my entire body.

I laid down on the bed as he was kissing my neck. I could feel his hands on my back as he started unhooking my bra. His wet tongue was licking the valley of my breasts. Then, his mouth began kissing every inch of them before he began sucking them and I felt his tongue on my nipples. They were so hard in his mouth. His hands were on my hips as his lips slid down to my stomach.I could feel his kisses all around my belly button. I felt his tongue licking all over my stomach.

As he continued kissing me there,I just closed my eyes and let my fingers feel his soft to the touch blonde hair. Nick comes back up to me,slowly kissing my lips. As I sat up on the bed, I could feel his hand squeezing and massaging one of my my breasts while his other hand was touching my thigh. We continue to kiss as my hand
began stroking his erection through his boxers. While his hand was squeezing and massaging my other breast, I moaned as I felt his fingers on his hand, softly rubbing me down there. My hand was still stroking his erection,making it hard. Nick looked at me with his bedroom eyes as he lowered himself to my female center. He pushed the panties aside and I felt his hot tongue deep inside me. As he continued to keep doing that, Nick removed my thong from my hips. I felt his lips and tongue kissing and licking me down there. He could hear me moan. My hands were in his hair so I can hold on to him. Then, I could feel his lips kissing my thighs.

He comes up to my face,smiles at me. I smiiled back. I felt his hand touch mine ans his lips kissing and gently nipping my neck as he went inside me, slow and deep, filling me with his love. Then, his lips softly sucked my neck. His hand began stroking my stomach. After that, he squeezes my breasts together and sucked both of my nipples. He crawled up on top of and laid next to me.

I looked at Nick's body and I said "Mmmmm,I love your hot and sexy body, baby."

Then, he whispered in a sexy voice "I just love your sexy, curvy body. I love kissing it, touching it, and holding it. There's just more of you I want to love."

I smiled as he smiled at me. I placed my hands on top of his when he was feeling my breasts.I laid on my stomach as I started feeling his lips kissing and tongue
licking down my back and round apple-shape bottom.I moaned and groaned as he did that. Then, we got under the covers.His hands touch my entire body under the sheets. Next, I laid on my side and Nick slowly moved behind me. I could feel him slowly go inside, holding me close as he spooned me. While he was doing that,I felt his lips on the back of my neck and his hand on my stomach. And then, we turned
over and I was on top of him.

I could hear Nick said "Baby,I'm all yours."

I began kissing his neck and licking his earlobe. My hands touched his body. I started planting light kisses on him and licking his nipples. I take his hands and guided them to feel every inch of my body and feel my soft skin. I took his hands and began kissing them and softly licking and sucking his fingers.

Then,I heard him say "Your skin soft like silk."

I smiled at him.I placed his hands on my hips as I slowly began riding Nick. I rocked
my hips against him at a slow pace. I hear him moaning and groaningas he was holding on to me. As I continued to ride him, his hands were on my breasts, squeezing and kneading them and his thumbs rubbing my nipples, making them hard. I was still riding Nick and I began moaning. His hands were still on my body. After riding him,I slowly lowered myself on his stomach. I started kissing, licking, and sucking on his stomach. He loved the feeling of my warm mouth on his skin and his body. I feel his hands running through my hair. I lowered my mouth onto his erection.

I could hear his moaning and him saying "Your mouth is so warm and perfect.You're my goddess." At the same time I was tasting him,I was also licking him.

After that, he reached his arms out to me and held me close as we lay together. Two
hours later, I got up and went to the bathroom. I decided to fix a bubble bath in the bathtub. I put my hair up in a high ponytail, lit a few candles, and as soon as the bathtub was filled with bubbles, I got in and relax.Nick got up and went to the bathroom.

He looked at me and nicely asked "May I join you?" and I said "You're sure can."

I got up and made room for him.He sat his naked body behind me as we soak in the bath. I felt his hands on my naked body and his lips on mine as we were in the bath. He started kissing down my neck. His hands were squeezing and fondling my breasts. I got out a bar of soap and a washcloth and started washing my body with it. I could feel his hands rubbing the soap all over my body. Then, he started kissing my
face and ears before his tongue moved to the back of my neck. His hands slid down from my breasts to my stomach and stroking my hips under the very warm bath water.

It felt so good taking a bubble bath and feeling Nick's hands all over my body. I felt his hands on my legs up to my knees. He even rubbed my shoulders. He got the washcloth and began washing my back. He rubbed the soapy washcloth all over me.

I got up,turned around,and began washing my body with the soapy washcloth right in front of him. While I was washing myself, I feel his hands were touching my legs and thighs. Then, he sat me down on his lap. He got the washcloth and started rinsing the soap off of my body. After we rinsed and dried off, Nick laid me down on the bed. He told me to close my eyes. I did just that. Minutes later, I felt something cold and I began shivering. Then, I felt his warm lips and tongue on my body.

I saw that Nick was putting ice cream on my stomach and breasts. I felt cold from the ice cream and warm with his lips and tongue on my body. I can feel the ice cream dropping on my breasts and Nick licking and sucking it off of me. Then,he put some
on my private area. I moaned and I groaned as I was feeling his tongue and lips down there. Having him tasting me was making me really hot. He comes up to my lips and feed me a spoonful of ice cream and then kisses my lips with his tongue inside my mouth. After that, Nick and I fell asleep in each other's arms late that night. The
next morning, we had cereal together and then I went home. When I got home,I called to tell her about my night with Nick. Three hours later, Amy and her boyfriend Brian, Nick's best friend, came over to see me.

Brian gave me a hug. He asked, "How are you?"

I said to him "I'm doing fine."

He said "Amy and I want to say how sorry we are about the loss of your daughter."

I said "Thanks."

When Amy went to the bathroom,Brian was still talking to me,lending me his
sympathetic ears. "Brian,I'm divorcing my husband."

He said "What? But why?"

"Brian,I'm moving on. I've been sleeping with Nick while he was gone on business. Bryan was begging me not to leave him,especially because he hasn't been loving me or having sex with me before,during or after having and losing my baby."I said to him.

Once Amy and Brian left, I went to my semi-office and went online.I checked my e-mail and got two e-mails from Nick.We would sometimes have cybersex when my husband's off on business trips.The first e-mail he sent was about last night and how he loved the feel on my skin on his, my body on top of his. He even called me his 'voluptuous fantasy', because he loved having sex with me. The sex Nick and I was very sensual, very romantic, and full of surprises. On the second e-mail, he said couldn't stop thinking or dreaming about me ever since he came over to my house yesterday morning. I replied saying I couldn't thinking about him either.

Then, I decided to take a nice, warm bath. As I sat in the tub,I relaxed. All day,I have been thinking about Nick. My hands feeling his blonde hair, his pink lips kissing mine, the way he would touch my entire body, or how he touch or put his mouth on my breasts. I feel like every part of my body feels so sensitive whenever he touched or kissed me. After my bath, I changed into my lavender satin sleepshirt, went to the kitchen,got out a pint of Ben & Jerry's, and chilled.I was watching a movie on TV when the phone rang. I answered it and Nick was on the other line. While watching the movie, Nick and I had phone sex that last two hours. We continued to have phone sex as I was eating ice cream and watching the movie. Underneath my shirt,all I was wearing was my black cotton string bikini panties. The coldness of the creamy treat made me think of Nick putting it on my body,the coolness of the ice cream and the hotness of his lips licking and kissing off of me.

Then,I went to my bed. As I fell asleep,I was having this sexy dream. I dreamt Nick and I were in an elevator on our way to our hotel room. We arrived at our room
roses are all over the place, I put up the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door. Then, I seductively began taking off my clothes. I laid myself on the bed in my underwear and Nick was kissing me from the waist up. As I sleep, I pretend my hands were his and they were touching me all over. The next morning, I was awaken by the ringing of my phone. I answered it and I heard Nick's voice. I told him about a dream I had of him. Then, he was telling me about a dream he had about me. He said he dreamt I was in his bathroom,taking a shower.He said he came into the bathroom and saw me watching him taking his clothes to join me. He imagined his hands were touching my naked, soapy body and his lips were kissing mine deep and slow. He also said that my hands were going up and down his back as I started kissing his neck. Then, he kissed my whole body as we rinsed off. Then,I had an idea. After talking to Nick on the phone,I went to my bathroom with my cameraphone in my hand. I turned the water on, removed my nightshirt. I stepped into the shower and got my body nice and wet. I applied body wash on a sponge and rubbed it all over me. I got the cameraphone, took a pic of myself in the shower, and sent it to Nick. After my shower, I had breakfast and got dressed. I planned on go shopping with Amy. I'm buying some new clothes for my curvy figure.

Amy and I were at the mall, shopping. Then, my cell phone was ringing. It was Nick. He called and said saw the picture of my wet, soapy, naked body in the shower on his cell and said when he saw it he got really hard. I smiled as I was inviting him to my place.

I was shopping for some jeans when Amy asked,"So,what's your seduction plan?"

I said "I'm thinking when he comes to the door,I'll be wearing my nightshirt, making him think that I'm not wearing anything underneath. But I'll really be wearing my stretch velvet plus-size bustier matching stretch velvet G-string. Then, I'll slowly
unbutton my nightshirt and he'll be wanting to make love to me."Before I had a baby, I was a size 14, but now I'm a size 16. While shopping for clothes,I even brought some more underwear. Something tells me this night is going to be good.


I'll Make Love To You-Brian vizzie/song fic

Brian was looking forward to spending some time with me. I looked forward to being alone with him. I needed to take my mind off some things,especially my pending divorce from my unfaithful husband. I arrived at my beach house rental to find candles lit all around the room and a trail of rose petals leading from the door to the bedroom. Brian was so happy to see me. He greeted me with a sweet smile and a long kiss. He slowly began taking off my clothes as we walked into the bathroom and I was doing the same to him, where he fixed a warm bubble bath for us. I loved taking a bubble bath and I loved it even better with Brian. In the bath, he wrapped his arms around my waist and he was lightly kissing my neck.

Close your eyes, make a wish
And blow out the candlelight
For tonight is just your night
We're gonna celebrate, all thru the night

Pour the wine, light the fire
Girl your wish is my command
I submit to your demands
I'll do anything, girl you need only ask

I'll make love to you
Like you want me to
And I'll hold you tight
Baby all through the night
I'll make love to you
When you want me to
And I will not let go
Till you tell me to

Girl relax, let's go slow
I ain't got nowhere to go
I'm just gonna concentrate on you
Girl are you ready, it's gonna be a long night

Throw your clothes on the floor
I'm gonna take my clothes off too
I made plans to be with you
Girl whatever you ask me you know I'll do

After our private little bubble bath, we went into my beautiful bedroom and Brian pulled back the covers and sheets, I laid my sweet-smelling, naked body down in my bed. Brian slowly got on top of me and said "I wanna make love to you." and he tenderly, passionately kissed my lips. I could feel his tongue rubbing with mine inside my mouth as he held me close.

We were under the covers and I could feel his hands softly caressing every curve of my body.I love the feel of his hands on my skin,all while softly kissing my neck. His lips slowly moved lower to my soft,full breasts. His thumbs were rubbing my nipples as he softly suckled them. His hands cupped them as his lips moved lower to my belly. He kissed my stomach and his tongue made soft circles around my belly button. My soft moans slowly turned into passion-filled screams. His hands continued touching my body. My hands were going up and down his back as he was kissing me all over. When he reached my hot womanhood, Brian slowly opened my legs and his mouth began sucking me.

Baby tonight is your night
And I will do you right
Just make a wish on your night
Anything that you ask
I will give you the love of your life

While he was doing that,my hands were running through his hair. He came back up to my face and whispered, "Baby,you're so good. So sweet. So irresistable."

Then, he went inside me with one smooth slow thrust. I could feel him inside me deep, nice and slow.My moans were getting louder as our orgasms crashed like tidal waves. We were exhausted and Brian wrapped his arms around me. He kissed my forehead and said "I love you", even though I was already asleep.

I'll Make Love To You by Boyz II Men


50 Candles-Kevin song fic/vissie

Kevin and I went out to dinner one night. Throughout the night, he was telling me of beautiful I looked tonight and of how he.I was wearing a sexy black halter dress with silver rhinestone-like studs and a wrap front.We ate dinner and then we went back to my place.Kevin looked at me and said "I wanna make love to you. You're
so irresistable. I'm falling for you."

Then,he tenderly kissed my lips and our tongues were dueling.I feel his hands roaming through my curvy,full-figured body. We went to my bedroom where there were vanilla-scented candles all over the room and red and white rose petals were on the bed and on the floor. Kevin carefully took off my black dress and I was standing in my black satin underwear. My skin was glowing by the candlelight. I watched as he began removing his clothes.

It's gettin' kinda dark already, should I light 'em?

Hey baby I'm ready, oh so ready
I wanna make love to you, hey
Take 'em off, throw 'em down
Come here and let me feel what's in front of me
The outside world is of no concern
Just let our bodies and the candles in the room burn
With feverish passion uncontained

He, too, was in his underwear,wearing navy blue boxers.I took off my shoes, walked up to him, and touched lean,hard body with my hands. He carefully laid me down on the bed. I pulled back the covers and he joined me under the covers. He kissed my lips again, only this time it was more passionate, deeply and hungrily. His hands were running through my dark hair and touching my face as his lips moved lower
to my neck. I could feel his hands massaging and caressing my breasts. He slowly removed my bra, freeing them. He looked at my body and said in a prayer soft voice "You're very beautiful" and I looked at his body said "You're pretty hot yourself." He smiled as he lowered his body to lie against mine.

Feels like one of those nights
Lady, I'm in need of love in a hurry
50 candles burn bright
And all is right, as our bodies unite
Take our time, do it right

Give me your hand touch me right here
Oh so good want it more and more
Each moment your fingers linger all around
As I kiss you in the place where your composure comes undone
And your mind runs
We'll make love 'til the sun completely rises
Come play with me
Let me be the toy
That fufills your needs
'cause I'm yours tonight and you're all mine, roll with me
Don't be afraid let the feeling take you away
To a world of ecstasy
Where all you go to do is be free and give your all and all

My breasts were sensitive to his touch as thumb was rubbing my nipples.He lowered his mouth to my breast and began sucking it like a newborn.His hands were warm against my body. My soft moans were telling him I'm enjoying it. His mouth did the same thing to my other breast.My body was responding to his every caress. His lips were making a hot, wet trail of kisses down my abdomen. My hands were touching his hair, back, and butt. His hands were on my hips, slowly removing my panties. Then,he was under the covers when he inserted a finger inside my hot, wet center and his thumb was rubbing my clit. My moans were become intense as he inserted another finger in me. I felt his hardness on my stomach. Every kiss and caress Kevin made on my body made my skin heat up.

Come and get this, waited all my life for your touch and soft kiss
And life will never be the same, while ya moan and groan
I hear your voice call my name
Holding your body like a plastic molding
Your soul I'll be controlling
As the candles burn, we toss and turn
From night to day, all our pleasures we learn
Come and play with me tonight's our night baby,
50 candles burn bright
Come and roll with me
Make love to me
Hold on tight
It's going to be a bumpy ride

I heard him said to me "Baby, open for me". I opened my legs. My hands were grasping his head, holding him in place. I felt his mouth covering my womanhood and his tongue deep in my core, making me scream with pleasure.

I was near orgasm when my body began quivering and I moaned "Kevin,I need you inside me."

He pulled himself over me and positioned himself between my thighs. He was looking into my eyes as he went inside me with smooth, deep, slow thrusts. My legs were wrapped around his waist.Our orgasms washed over us as we screamed each others' names. We laid in each other's arms,exhausted. As I was falling asleep, Kevin sprinkled the petals on my naked body and caressed then all over me. I heard him whisper "I love you." and I whispered "I love you too, Kevin".


50 Candles by Boyz II Men

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Honey Love-AJ vizzie

I walked on over to my boyfriend AJ's house, ready to spend a very romantic evening with him.

"Hey baby. How are you doing?" He said as opened the door and let me in.

"I'm doing just fine, baby."

He was wearing a blue tank top that showed off his tattooed arms and wore jeans and sneakers. He looked at me with those brown eyes of his.

I sat on the couch and relaxed while he went into the kitchen. Not long, he came back and offered me a glass of ginger ale and he got himself the same thing being sober and all. Once we drank our ginger ales, AJ had a look of passion in his eyes as he carefully put down our glasses when he started to kiss my lips. His hands rested on the sides of my face then slowly fell to my hips. I felt his tongue slip inside my mouth while still kissing me. We continued to kiss as he lifted me from the couch and we made our way to the bedroom. My arms were wrapped around his neck.

Once we were in the bedroom, AJ unsnapped my blue blouse while he was kissing my neck, my most sensitive body part. My hands went under his tank top, making traces of his lean body. His hand cradled the back of my head as I leaned my back, giving his lips and tongue to it.

I let out short and long pants once he took off my blouse. He sat me down on the bed and his hands were moving down to my lower back. I watched him take his tank off before he lay on top of me. His fingers found the button and zipper on my jeans and undid them, leaving me in my blue lace underwear. His lips were kissing the tops of my voluptuous breasts as his hands reached around and undid my bra. He heard me take a sharp intake of breath as my breasts were freed.

AJ kissed my nose and then said, "Wait right here. I'm going to surprise you."

Once he left, I laid myself on the bed, resting my head on the pillows. Minutes later, he stepped into the bedroom and then I felt something dripping on my belly. His tongue began licking me with his tongue. I let out a sigh and a moan. When he started kissing my lips, I tasted something sweet on his tongue in my mouth. I recognized the sweet taste and it was honey.

He poured some honey on my breasts and began sucking and licking them. I let out a long moan and pant. He moved lower to my clit and pussy and took off my panties. AJ slowly started licking me down there. My hands were on top of his head, as he tasted me.

"Mmmmm. You taste so good, baby. You're so wet."

I was getting wetter and wetter while AJ was going down on me with a little honey still on his tongue and lips. Then, he began sucking my clit. I was losing my mind and my breath at the same time.

AJ looked at me and said, "Turn around."

I did just that. I lay on my stomach as AJ poured honey down my back and behind. He was kissing and licking all over my backside. I was getting ticklish and aroused all at once. One of his fingers found my soft, hot, wet slit and began finger fucking me. My near orgasm was reaching fever pitch. Next, he turned me over on my back again. He took off his jeans and underwear, exposing his cock to me. He was getting hard when I felt it against my thigh. He went inside me slow and deep. I felt myself clinging to him while going in and out of me. His hands were holding on to my waist. Every time he was going in and out of me, he would give me a small kiss on the lips. I felt him cumming inside me once our orgasms overtook us. He laid on top of me, holding me.

"Did you enjoy your surprise?" AJ asked.

"I loved it, baby. Thank you." I replied.

He smiled and said, "Baby like honey, you're always so sweet."

I just smiled, giggled, and said, "AJ, I loved the surprise and all, but we getting kind of sticky from all that honey."

He looked at me, nodded, and said, "Yeah, let's take a long, hot shower and make love again."

I said, "I'd really like that."

We got up from the bed, went to the bathroom, and took a hot shower together. Who knew sex would be this sweeter?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A video for my Kevin vizzie-A Rapturous Rhapsody

All The Things Your Man Won't Do-Kevin vizzie/song fic

Hey love, you say you need someone to be there for ya, to love ya all night long, ha it's kinda of funny but I don't think you have to look no further because im right here and im ready to do all the things your man won't do

I was sitting on the bus on my way from work. I had a very bad day that happened after work. My boyfriend Vinton and I had lunch and ended in a bitter break up. I was a little upset, even cried. As I sat on the bus, a tall, dark, handsome hunk of a man with black hair and dark green eyes sat in a seat behind me. He then moved to sit next to me.

"What's wrong?" He asked with concern.

"I've just had a very bad break-up with that jerk, loser-of-a-boyfriend of mine. There's just so much about Vinton that just makes me upset and so sick." I said, almost sniffling.

He got out a napkin and dabbed the tears that were about to run down my face. "I'm so sorry that happened to you. You can tell me. "

Tell me what kind of man would treat his woman so cold, treat your like your nothing when your worth more then gold, girl to me your like a diamond I love the way ya shine, a hundred million dollar treasure I'd give the world to make ya mine (lalalalala)

I'd put a string of pearls right in your hand make love on a beach of jet black sand outside in the rain we can do it all night

I'll touch all the places he would not and some he never knew would get you hot nothing is forbidden when we touch

I began telling him of the times my now-ex would forget dates, being too cheap, occupied with other things,etc. The bus then stopped at my apartment building. Just as I was about to get off, he asked me if he would like to go into my place with me. I accepted and we went both got off the bus and into my place. Once we went inside my loft apartment, we sat down on my sofa.

"I didn't get your name." I said to him.

"My name's Kevin. I would love to do all the things he can never do. I can treat you really good, especially in bed. Make you feel like a goddess that you deserve to be." He said as he kissed my hand like a gentleman.

"Show me." I said in a slightly brazen tone while being turned on by his verbal foreplay.

He grinned as he gently pulled me close to his hard body, kissing my lips deeply. In an instant swoop, Kevin scooped me up in his arms and carried me to my bedroom. He laid me down on top of the cool, comfortable sheets. As I laid down on the bed, Kevin carefully took off my shoes and slowly removed my black pantyhose. He carefully rubbed and massaged my sore feet. His hands moved up to the top of my white button-down blouse and slowly unbuttoned each button, one by one. His lips returned to mine before he lowered them to my neck.


Baby I wanna do all of the things your man won't do I'll do them for you

Baby I wanna do all of the things your man won't do I'll do them for you

[Verse 2:]I'll take you out on a night cruise on a yacht just can't lose cause we got a lot to look forward to 1, 2 what ya gonna do

what good is a diamond nobody can see I hear he got you on lock down but I got the master key (lalalalala)

I'll light a thousand candles all around show me to the subway I'll go down nothing can be sweeter then the sound of makin love baby when I start I just can't stop I'll love you from the bottom to the top nothing is forbidden when we touch

His hands softly cupped my large, natural breasts. I briefly shivered as I felt his fingertips lightly touched down my stomach. His lips never lost its place once he took off my black underwire bra and then softly licked both nipples with his tongue. When his mouth suckled on them, my body was on a lustful high. His mouth moved lower to my stomach and belly button. The tip of his tongue made a tiny circle around it.

Kevin then looked up at me with his lust-filled dark green eyes and a wicked smile and said to me "I'm going to make you come all night, baby girl. I'll treat you like a queen in bed." I knew from there he was going to do me in.


Baby I wanna do all of the things your man won't do I'll do them for you

Baby I wanna do all of the things your man won't do I'll do them for you


And aoh oh oh yeah yeah yeah o yeah


His fingers found the side zipper of my skirt and slowly unzipped it. Once he slid the skirt off of my hips, he then took off panties in one smooth motion and kissed both of my thighs. His mouth was warm, wet, and ready to taste my nectar. First, he licked the outer walls of my woman cave. His warm, wet tongue made me quiver when he licked me there, feeling his rough facial hair brushing up against it. Then with two of his fingers, he opened up my woman cave. His hands held on to my hips as his tongue and mouth explored my lust cavern. I let out moans which increased with every lick and suck. His hands continued to caress my entire body in slow, sensual strokes. Suddenly, I was sent over the edge when the tip of his tongue flickered against my clit and two of his fingers went in and out of my love cave. My moans and groans became increasingly louder. After my juice spilled into his mouth, he came back and kissed my lips again, deeper and more passionate.

He got up and took off his shirt. Kevin had the kind of hard body that make a male model green with envy. I was amazed by every square inch of him. My hand reached up to touch him. When my hand touched his face, he pressed it against his face and began kissing it on both sides before it slid down his frontal body, feeling his chest and abs. He leaned down to kiss my lips once more. As we kissed, he unzipped his pants and with one of his own hands he slid down to his underwear to touch himself. He was preparing himself to get inside me. I reached over to the nightstand and gave him a condom. Once he put it on, he took off his black pants and dark blue boxers. He was hard, just for me. He gently guided me down to his erection.

[Verse 3:]

I'll light a thousand candles all around show me to the subway I'll go down nothing can be sweeter then the sound of makin love baby when I start I just can't stop

I'll love you from the bottom to the top nothing is forbidden when we touch ooh yeah


Baby I wanna do all of the things your man won't do I'll do them for you

Sweet lady I wanna do all of the things your man won't do I'll do them for you

[Verse 4:]

Oh I got a jones and my bones for you there ain't a damn thing that I won't do

I'll make your body cream with my sex machine I won't stop until I hear your mother scream

I gasped as he entered me while I was on top of him. He started with thrusts nice and slow. I moaned and groaned with passion as his hands explored my body while going in and out of me.

While in ecstasy, I thought to myself, "Finally, a man who focuses on pleasuring me. Vinton is out of sight and out of mind."

Kevin touched, kissed, and licked my body while going in and out of my love cave. He held me tight so I wouldn't fall. I looked into his dark green eyes that were widened with lust and desire. His hands went up and down my back, ran through my hair, and caressed my face. My body was in a rush of pure pleasure. I felt his hot breath against my ear as he whispered, "I want you to come for me." His thrusts slightly increased as I moaned louder. My hands stroked through his dark hair. His moans had joined with mine as we entered climax.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Kevin, you feel so good inside me." I moaned loudly while he savored in our climax. Several minutes later, we had a collective orgasm. Once it was spent, He sat up and held my body close to his.

"That was so amazing." I said to Kevin.

"It was. I can't wait to satisfy you over and over again. Your moans are music to my ears." He said as he kissed my hand.

"Well, I don't have any plans tomorrow." I said.

"Neither do I. We can go out to dinner and come back to my place. I'll have candles lit all around, romantic music playing, and have romantic, hot sex with you all through the night and into the morning. Baby, you don't have to settle for anything less, especially when it comes to your needs." He replied while stroking my dark brown hair.


All the things your (I wanna do) all of the things your man won't do

I'll do them for you all the things your (wanna ta do)

All of the things your man won't do I'll do them for you(I wanna do it for ya baby)

All the things your all of the things your man won't do I'll do them for you

All the things your all of the things your man won't do I'll do them for you

Sweet lady all the things your all of the things your man won't do I'll do them for you...

"Sounds great, Kevin. I look forward to it." I replied.

After tonight, I felt so satisfied and turned on all at once. Kevin did everything Vinton could never do, especially in bed. He was right about me not having to settle for anything less. With Kevin, I felt pleasure, romance, desire, ecstasy, and passion. Like I said, he did everything my ex-boyfriend won't do.

All The Things (Your Man Won't Do) by Joe