Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Doctor, Doctor-Nick Carter visual

A young, male patient was sitting on the examination table with his injured ankle up on the table as well. He was a really cute guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a t-shirt and dark blue jeans, came straight from a concert rehearsal. I, Dr. Alyssa Carson, came in with his x-rays in hand.

I examined the x- rays and said, "It looks you have a really bad sprain on your ankle."

He looked down heartbroken, muttering, "Perfect timing. The concert's this weekend."

I said to him, comforting, "I'm really sorry, uhh...."

He said, looking up to me, "Nick. Nick Carter. Is there anything you can do, Dr. Carson?"

I said, "How about I can give you therapy?"

He instantly perked up and said "That would be great doc. Anything to get back onto the stage." as his eyes locked on mine and then gazed down my neck over my voluptuous breasts.

He asked, "What kind of therapy do have in mind?"

I replied, "A combination of massage and physical therapies."

"Mmmmmm, sounds very nice doctor," he said.

With my hands, I gently began massaging his sprain ankle.

"Ok doctor," he said as he moved his ankle toward me.

His eyes were never leaving my chest as it moved up and down. I started taking off his shirt.His hands began moving to the sides of my large breasts. I looked at him and softly licked my lips. I slowly began unbuttoning my white doctor jacket. He licked his lips and moved to kiss me. He kissed my lips as I touched his ripped abs. His tongue was parting my lips. His hands began squeezing my breasts, pinching my nipples through my blouse. Then, he was kissing my neck, nibbling it softly. His hands moved over my soft skin and nibbled up to my earlobe. My fingers ran through his blonde hair. He unbuttoned my blouse; his hands reached around and undid my lacy bra. His lips worked their way back down to my jaw and kissed me passionately. I slipped my tongue into his mouth. His tongue slides against mine as his warm hands cupped my full breasts and his thumbs were rubbing all over my hard nipples, pinching them and rolling them lightly. He moved his mouth slowly down my neck and chest. He kissed down my chest and over the tops of my 42D breasts, kissing around the soft flesh, kissing in even smaller spirals around my nipples, closer and closer to the center.

He took a hard nipple in his mouth and sucked it hungrily, grazing the nipple with his teeth as his handmoved down my stomach to my skirt. He moved to reach down further and pulling my somewhat-slutty-for-a-doctor skirt and rubbed my panties. He switched the nipple he was sucking on; he rubbed my wet slit up and down my dampening thong. He sucked my nipple in hard and moved my thong to slide to rub my wet lips.He slid a finger deep up and down my slit between my puffy lips and then slipping it inside me. He worked a second finger inside my wet cunt, moving them in and out.

He nibbled my ear and whispered, "How does that feel, doctor?"

I said, "I'm sooooo wet. Oh it feels so good."

He pulled his hand out and shoved my slutty skirt and thong over my round hips and ass and rubbed his wet fingers on my clit. He pinched and rubbed my clit while kissing me deeply.He fingered my clit in hard circles and sucked my nipple hard in his mouth. Nick maneuvered me around so I was on the table and he was facing me, kissing down my soft flesh. His lips traveled lower andhis legs were dangling over the side and he slid down the table. He kissed and licked my belly button, then moved lower still causing to arch my back. He kissed lower and lower reaching my smooth shaved mound.He sucked my shaved mound into his mouth, and then kissed down my right thigh to my knee, then working his way back up my left thigh, kissing and nibbling. He took a long slow deep lick up and down my soaking slit. He sucked my lips into his mouth and nibbled on them gently. His hands moved up to my breasts. He slid his tongue in my folds, licking around my opening. Nick was slipping his tongue in and out of me, and then moved up to suck on my enlarged clit. He grazed his teeth on my clit, sucking it in and out swirling his tongue around it as he slid two fingers back into me. My hands were holding on to his head. He was sucking and slurping on my clit, my juices were coating his chin.

He looked up at my body and said, "What do you recommend, doctor?"

I looked at him and said, "Other than resting and icing your ankle, I do make house calls."

He asked, "Is that all you recommend doctor?" as he licked up and down my slit some more, licking up my juices and cum.

I said, "There's more."

I pulled myself up, kissing his lips and slid my hand down his shorts. He leaned back, looking up and down my body.

I whispered, "Touch me," as my lips were kissing his upper body.

His hands moved over my face, through my long deep brown hair, and down my large tits, his eyes were taking in my beautiful large round ass. I softly licked his ripped stomach up to his neck. I can feel his erection against my tits. I softly sucked his fingers. He grinded his hips up into me. I pulled myself up and kissed his neck. His hips were grinding into mine. He could feel my wet pussy against his jeans. He turned to kiss me deeply. My hands moved down his back. His hands squeezed my tits and rubbed my pussy. I softly nibbled his ear.

He moaned in my ear, "I have to have you, doctor."

I sat on the examination table and wrapped my arms around him. He wrapped his arms around me in response. My hand moved down to feel his round ass. His hands were on my hips, moving my pussy over his hard cock. I let out a moan. He reached down and slid his jeans down over his hips. His bare cock was rubbing against my wet lips. I pressed my body against his. He reached and guided his head to me, sliding into my tight pussy as I pressed into him. I gasped as his cock plunges deep inside me. He moaned into my neck at the warm tight feel. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He started to rock in and out of me, biting and sucking my neck, moaning how good I feel. I moaned in his ear. His hands were gripping my ass as he slid deeper in and out, moaning more as he started to fuck me harder. The table was moving beneath us. I moved my head back, moaning louder. He was kissing my neck as he felt my pussy squeezing him as my clit grinded into him and we fucked faster and faster. I feel his cock getting even harder inside me. I held on to him as I moaned louder and louder. He moaned into my neck asking me if I was ready to cum.

I panted, "I'm ready."

Pre-cum started flowing in my pussy as he started thrusting even faster moaning into me, "Oh doctor."

He felt me starting to spasm around him. He kissed me deeply and moaned that he was going to cum.I was loudly moaning as he thrusted hard and deep into me, moaning loudly and I feel thick rope after thick rope of cum shoot deep inside me.

"Ahhhhh," I moaned as I lightly sucked his neck.

He held me close with his cock still inside me, kissing my neck, softly whispered, "What is your recommendation now doctor?"

I said to him, "I recommend that you see me every week. Add weight to your ankle. Here's my phone number if you need more physical therapy."

He kissed my neck again and whispered, "Can I schedule a therapy appointment for tonight?" with a wicked grin on his face.

I said, "Of course."

He kissed softly on the lips and wrote down the address of the hotel and the room number and said, "I will see you tonight."

"I'll be there," I said as I kissed back while putting my clothes back on. He rearranged his clothes and grabbed some crutches from the corner; he deeply kissed me, and gave my ass and tits a squeeze and said, "I'll see you tonight, Doctor."

I said, "Tonight," and gave his ass a rub as he left. I got a feeling he'll better in no time, especially after tonight.THE END

A Nanny's Secret Affair-Kevin vizzie/fan fic

I had just recently been by hired by Brian and Leighanne to look after their adorable son Baylee. So far, I was doing real well, especially when it comes to bonding with him. One day,when I was getting Baylee ready for his afternoon nap, Brian introduced me to his handsome cousin Kevin. We talked and I gave him my phone number. After work, I went to my apartment and took a bubble bath.

My phone rang and Kevin was talking to me.We talked about ourselves and I was brazen enough to ask him,"Have plans on joining me in my bath?"

Kevin said "I woud love to."I softly chuckled not sure if he was kidding.

Then, he said "I bet the water's very warm and your skin is soft."

"Well, the water is warm."I responded with a smile."Just kind of lonely in here though."

Kevin said "I can imagine my hands touching and holding you in the bath and my lips kissing your neck."I held back a moan as my hand skimmed the surface of the water.

He added "My hands rubbing soap all over you."

By now, my hand had moved toward my chest moving my hand down lower on my body."My hands make a trace of every inch of your skin. My hands softly cup your breasts." Kevin said.

I softly moaned as my hand slipped under the water.

He added "I caress your body and I take my time kissing you all over."

I responded "I don't know if I can take it anymore"wishing he was there instead of making, me hot over the phone.

He continued "I would love to feel you, touch, kiss, and lick you."

I asked him "When would you like to be able to do this?"

He said "How about tonight?"

"Where are you right now?" I asked.

He said "I'm in a hotel room. If you want, I can come over."

I said "T-That's fine with me.",feeling the water getting warmer.

Twenty minutes later,Kevin arrived. I answered the door in my robe. I let him in and closed the door behind him. He softly, slowly kissed my lips. I was a little surprised, I couldn't think straight.

I said "Kevin, I'm so glad you're here. Would you like to take a bath with me?"

Not waiting for his response, I stepped back and dropped my robe in front of him before heading back into the bathroom getting back into the tub. We went back into the tub and I watched Kevin undressed in front of me. My breath was caught in my throat as I watched him remove every item of clothing, revealing a well-toned body. My skin suddenly felt warm. Kevin climbed into the tub with me and his hand caressed my body from the neck down. I almost sprang out of the tub in shock at the feel of his touch. I felt both of his hands softly fondling my breasts as his kiss went deeper in my mouth. I wondered if this was really happening as I was moving onto his lap facing him. I leaned back, giving his lips access to my neck. That felt erotic and hot as I felt his rough facial hair brushing against my hot and sweaty skin. My hand went under the water feeling his chest and abs. He felt real as I started to press myself against his body.His lips moved lower to my breasts. I gasped once as I felt his mouth closing around one of my nipples. My hands ran through Kevin's dark hair. I felt a tight knot in the pit of my belly as he continued to nurse on my breasts. After that,his lips found my belly button and started kissing all over my stomach.

"Mmmm, Kevin.What are you planning on doing?"I asked as my voice seemed a little shakey.

"Making love to you all night long" he whispered in a prayer soft voice.

I moaned leading his head down lower using my hands on the back of his head. Kevin placed his hands on my back. I was moved up onto the edge of the tub as my legs were slightly pushed apart. I felt his slippery tongue licking me down there as his hands were lower from my back to my hips and bottom. I moaned as I felt the tip of his tongue brushing against my clit and folds. I closed my eyes as I felt his tongue moved faster against me and then he began sucking me.

"Kevin" I whimpered as my head fell back as he continued going faster with his mouth and tongue.

I was getting hot and wet at the same time. I was close to exploding as my legs started to feel like Jello. I could feel Kevin licking and kissing my thighs and his tongue in my clit. I couldn't take it anymore as the knot became tighter in my stomach. I was going to come after one more flick of his tongue. I wanted Kevin inside me. I pulled myself long enough to slip out of the tub. I walked into the other room stopping at my black leather couch. He got out a towel and dried me off. I laid down on the couch once I was dry looking at him, waiting to see what he wanted to do next. He sat beside me and his fingers found my womanhood, hot and wet.

"Kevin" I moaned not sure if I could stand the teasing anymore.

Kevin replaced his fingers with his manhood, waiting to get inside me. I moaned as I felt how big he felt inside me. Slowly, he was going in and out of me. While doing that, he was whispering sweet nothings in my ear. I moaned as my hands rested flat against his chest. He was whispering of how beautiful, sexy, and sweet I was. I felt close to the edge as my fingers were brushing against his shoulder blades and down his back. My orgasm got louder and louder.

I screamed as my walls were closing around him fast. I felt Kevin cummed inside me and he kissed me was he was still inside me. I sat up a little bit as I grabbed a blanket that was on top of the couch and quickly unfolded it, resting it on his hips and legs. Kevin took himself out of me and held me in his stong arms. I lifted my head up, towards his the column of his neck. I started to slowly place kisses down his throat. I softly caressed his abs while kissing his lips. I moved my kisses down to his chest, placing soft butterfly kisses there before I moved my kisses to along his jaw line. I could feel his hands stroking and running through my hair. I moved my attention to his lips before I slowly rested my head on his chest. I was in a total state of romantic, sexual bliss.

Kevin whispered "I'm so attracted to you. I like making love to you." as I wrapped my arm around his, pressing me closer against him.


Double Fantasy-Nick/Kevin vizzie

I was enjoying a quiet night at my home, reading a romance novel, and listening to the rain outside. I love to relax after a crazy, hectic day at work this week. Then, my cell phone was ringing.

I got it and answered.“Hello?” I said.

I was talking to my boyfriend Kevin, who lives a few blocks from me.“Hi, baby. How are you doing?” Kevin asked.

“I’m fine, just relaxing by the rain, reading a book. And you?” I responded.

I heard another voice saying “Hi” to me. It was Nick, Kevin’s friend.

I said “Hi, Nick.”

“That’s great. Nick and I were wondering if you would like to spend the night with us. We couldn’t help but think about you. You’re sexy, beautiful, funny, and just thinking about you makes us hard.” Kevin added.

After talking with Kevin and Nick, I packed my overnight bag and got in my car. Even though it was raining outside, I was excited about tonight. While driving, I began thinking about the really good sex I had with both men, at separate times. Kevin’s not only the tall, dark, and handsome man, but a very romantic, chivalrous, kind-hearted man as well. When Kevin and I have sex, there’s foreplay and romance. He would always put my sexual needs before his and we would do it nice and slow. Plus, he treats me like a queen and worships me and my body like the plus-size sex goddess that I am. He loves to whisper in my ear. He’s also very caring; sometimes whenever I have a headache and don’t feel like making love, he would get me an aspirin.Then I thought of me and Nick. Nick’s a tall, blonde hair, blue-eyed hunk with a boyish face and a round, firm ass. When Nick has sex with me, he wouldn’t stop kissing my lips, especially when we take off our clothes. He loves my scent and taste. Like me, Nick’s very playful in and out of bed. He loves to go down on me and he would also kiss all parts of my body. While kissing, he likes to lick me all over. He loves all of me, my body included. A lot of times after sex, he would smile and look into my eyes. He likes to compliment me on everything.

I arrived at Kevin’s house. Kevin greeted me with a smile and his arms were wide open. I heard him say, “I’m so glad you’re here. I just love seeing you.”
I looked deep into his green eyes and said “Me too, Kevin”.

In a heartbeat, he deeply, passionately kissed my lips. His large hands were resting on my back. He took my hand and we walked to his bedroom where Nick was sitting on the bed. He was looking at me with that sultry stare and that sexy but sweet grin. I kissed his lips and my fingers were running through his blonde hair. I turned to Kevin and kissed him again. I felt his large hands carefully unwrapped my pale purple wrap sweater and Nick began helping me take off my jeans with his hands on my waist and hips, leaving me only in my white satin bra and matching panties. I watched as Kevin took off his sweater, showing me his well-toned body. He wrapped his arms around me as he laid me down on the bed. Nick was lying beside me, nibbling on my ear.Kevin was on top of me, kissing my neck. Nick was doing the same thing. Their hands were caressing me all over. Kevin pulled me up and cuddled me while Nick slid down the straps of my bra while planting light, feathery kisses on my cleavage. Once my bra was removed, both men began sucking on my breasts and cupping them with their hands. Nick moved aside, giving Kevin and me some breathing room.Nick stood by the nightstand, took off his t-shirt, and then touched himself. Meanwhile, Kevin was moving his lips lower to my belly. My fingers were running through his hair. I shivered feeling his rough facial hair against my skin. He was taking his time like he always does. His hands found my panties and I arched my back, making it easier to remove them. He started to softly kiss my knees and thighs.
Then, he said, “I have to taste you.” before moving down to my clit and pussy.

My hands rested on his shoulders as he was lapping up my juices with his tongue. He replaced his tongue with his lips and began sucking me. I was getting hot and wet the minute he began tasting me. My moans were loud yet soft. Nick got back on the bed, sat beside us, and gave me kiss. I could Kevin’s fingers sliding in and out of my hot, wet womanhood. While Kevin took off his navy blue boxers, he was laying on top of me. His hands cradled my face, kissing my lips again. As we kissed, his manhood slipped into my womanhood in a smooth thrust. As he was going in and out of me with each thrust, Kevin wrapped his arms around while kissing my lips and neck. My hand was holding on the covers and the other was touching Nick’s body.Our intense orgasms had washed over Kevin and me like a tidal wave of passion.

After that, Kevin laid himself down on the bed once I got myself up. I was on top of Kevin, giving him kisses on his face and neck while my hands were repeatedly touching his body. I moved my lips to his abs and chest, planting soft kisses there. I could hear him softly moan. His fingertips were tangled in my silky strands of my almost-waist-length dark brown hair. My lips found his erection and I slowly began sucking him. Kevin has always treated me good in and out of bed, now I was returning the favor.I could hear Kevin moaning as I gave his erection one long lick. His hands were still roaming through my hair.

Amazed by my oral assault, he asked “Baby girl, what you did was so good. What made you do it?”

I got him out of my mouth and replied “Kevin, you’ve always treated me good in and out of bed. I thought that maybe I would treat you for once.”

“Thank you. Thank you for getting me off.” Kevin hoarsely whispered as he kissed my forehead and face.

Then, I turned to Nick, touched his face, and said, “Don’t worry, Nick. I didn’t forget about you.”

I started kissing Nick’s lips. His tongue slipped into my mouth and his hands were cupping my 42D breasts. I was taking off his jeans as I began kissing and licking his neck, his weak spot. Kevin sat up and played with himself for a while and then his hands caressed my body, feeling my soft skin while softly kissing my neck. Nick was doing the same thing and his hands were resting on my hips. He moved his lips lower to my breasts, kissing them all over. My hands were tangled in his blonde hair as he moved lower, kissing my spots. Suddenly, I felt his fingers inside me deep, covering them in my liquid silk. Nick told me to lie down and relax. I did just that. He opened my woman lips and he and Kevin were licking, tasting, and sucking them. Heat was surging through my body at the though of feeling two tongues licking and tasting me there. After my extreme orgasm, Nick got up and sat behind me while Kevin was sitting in front of me. First, I felt Nick entering me nice and slow from behind. Next, Kevin kissed my lips as his erection was entered my womanhood. Feeling their penetration was making me hot. It felt so erotic. After having a collective orgasm, both men took themselves out of me. I laid back on Nick’s body as Kevin laid on top of mine. Our bodies were covered in sweat, burning with very intense passion and ecstasy. While I was in the afterglow, both men held me in their arms, catching our breaths.

Sweet Seduction-Nick/AJ visual


Amy invites Nick over to her place. They began kissing as Nick slowly takes off Amy clothes piece by piece. She leads him to the bedroom,where little does Nick know that AJ is hiding in there. Nick continues kissing when he started taking off his clothes. As Nick was on the bed, Amy handcuffs him to her bedpost. AJ comes in and starts kissing and touching Amy right in front of Nick. He touches her body as they got on top of Nick. Amy then removes Nick's boxer shorts.

Then, she brings out the cherries and the whipped cream fromthe kitchen and spreads the cream all over Nick's body as AJ places the cherries on him. They both began to lick the cream and eat the cherries off of Nick. Amy and AJ were hearing Nick moaning and groaning as they were licking the whipped cream and cherries off his body. AJ was behind Amy, kissing her neck while his hands were on her hips.

Then while AJ was still behind her, Amy got on top of Nick asshe uncuffed him from her bed. She was giving his hands access to her body, feeling every curve of her figure and his lips to feel hers. As Nick was kissing Amy's lips, AJ was still behind her, kissing her neckand cupping her breasts. Then, AJ pulled her close to his body. He was kissing every inch of her. Nick reached out his hand to touch Amy's back as AJ lowered down to her stomach. She felt his tongue circling her belly button. Moans were escaping from Amy's mouth. Her hand felt Nick's member becoming very hard while her other hand was on AJ's back as he went lower. AJ laid Amy on her on Nick's body. He was sitting behind her with his hands all over her. He went inside her, deep and slow.

As he did, he held Amy close, hearing her moan in his ear. Nick was behind Amy, licking and lightly kissing her neck. Amy wanted them both. After that, she was on top of Nick, kissing his neck while AJ was behind licking and kissing up and down her back. Then, Amy's lips slid down to Nick's hard erection and slowly began sucking him. AJ was getting inside her from behind. Nick was getting turned on by Amy. After that, she pulls back the covers andgot into the bed with Nick. As he was on top of her, Nick was kissing every part of her body while his hands were all over her.AJ sat beside them, watching them. He too began to touch Amy's body. She felt both of their mouths on her breasts. While they were doing that, Nick put two deep inside her, making her moan reallly loud. She was hot and very wet inside.

Then, AJ was kissing her lips to make sure she wasn't making too much noise to wake up anyone. Nick's lips went lower to her wet, female center and his tongue went inside it. He was licking her, driving her over the edge of desire. AJ was behind Amy, licking her back while his hands were on hips, holding onto her. Then, Nick came back up to her lips. AJ began to enter her from behind as shewas on top of Nick. After AJ went inside Amy, Nick came up to her ass he laid down on the bed. He got out the whipped cream and he and AJ started spreading it all over her body. Amy closed her eyes. She felt Nick and AJ's tongues, and hands and lips on her body, licking off the cream off her. She even licked the cream off Nick's fingers.

Amy could feel AJ licking her stomach and Nick burying his face in her breasts. As she laid down on the bed, Amy then felt two tongues deep inside her hot female center. She clinged on to the sheets as she was about to have an orgasm. Nick came up to Amy and started kissing her deeply. As he was kissing her, AJ began placing two of fingers deep inside Amy's love canal. Inside, she washot and wet. Amy moaned and groaned as AJ fingered her. Nick went intothe kitchen and got out a bottle of chocolate syrup. He poured the syrup on Amy's stomach and breasts. She could imagine how it good it felt having his tongue on her body. Then, Nick put the whipped cream on Amy's love canal. Slowly, he sucked and licked the cream off of her. AJ was cupping and kissing her breasts as he began to lick her thighs.'

Amy nearly fainted in ectasy when she felt Nick and AJ's hands touching her body and squeezing her breasts. She could hear them whispering sweet nothings in her ears. She could feel them both deep inside her. Amy was in deep bliss. Not only were they inside her, Amy could feel their lips and tongues all over her. After all that, Amy laid down on the bed,collasping of intense ecstasy.She felt Nick leaving the room, but she doesn't know why. Then, she felt something warm dripping on her front body. Amy felt Nick's hands smoothing warm body oil all over her body. She also felt AJ's hand rubbing the oil her body too. The smell of vanilla filled the air. Amy could smell the vanilla scent and feel AJ and Nick's hands rubbing the soothing body oil on her shoulders, breasts, stomach, and legs. Then, Nick laid on top of her as she laid on her back. He poured the oil on all down her back and butt. She could feel their hands rubbing the oil there. Then, with her oily hands and body, Amy began rubbing the oil on AJ's body as she was on top of him. After that, Amy began laying on her side. Slowly, she can feel Nick behind her. He was entering her from behind. He slowly began spooning her.

While Nick was spooning her, Amy tasted AJ. After she did that, Amy got on top of AJ and started riding him slow and deep.Then, Nick was behind her,squeezing and sucking her breasts. After the good sex, Amy, AJ, and Nick all fell asleep in each other's arms.AJ and Nick briefly woke up just to kiss Amy goodnight, AJ kissed her forehead while Nick kissed her the cheek on her face.

The next morning, Amy quietly woke up out of bed without waking up AJ or Nick. She goes into the bathroom just to take a shower. Her hair and her body were all wet as soon as she stepped into the shower. Nick woke up from his slumber when he heard the running of warm water. He walked into the bathroom and saw Amy behind the shower curtain. He told her she looked so hot when she's wet and naked.As Amy smiled and blushed, she started rubbing a bar of soap all over her wet naked body. She felt his hands rubbing her stomach as he was kissing her earlobe down to her neck. He was rubbing the soap all over her frontal body. Then, Amy began rubbing soap all over his wet body as he was rubbing her back and butt with his soapy hands. Meanwhile, AJ woke up and noticed Nick and Amy were gone. He heard their giggling coming from the bathroom.

AJ watched from the bathroom as Amy and Nick were washing and rubbing soap all over each other's bodies. So AJ decided to join them in the shower. AJ rubbed his hands all over Amy's soapy, wet, naked body, all while Nick was applying body wash and rubbing it with the soapy sponge all over her body. Then, AJ tenderly kissed her lips and his hands caressing her back. While AJ was holding her naked body close to hers, Nick started touching her thighs and her butt. AJ watched as Nick slowly went inside her while they were under the warm spray of water. AJ was behind Amy, kissing her neck while Nick was inside her. Then, Nick slid down to Amy's stomach and was kissing her there. She shivered as soon as she felt it. She also felt licking her private area with his tongue.Their hands were holding on to her hips as she was having an orgasm. After that, AJ went inside Amy from behind her. While he was doing that, his hands were squeezing her hips. Nick watched the whole thing and his erection was getting harder and harder. Then, for a brief moment Amy watched as AJ kissed Nick on the lips. From what she had just saw, she got wet. After that, they began kissing Amy. Once the three of them got close again, Nick and AJ inserted their fingers inside her hot, wet female center and her butt, making her wet and hot at the same time. While their fingers were inside her, Amy could feel AJ's tongue licking her ass.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The End of a Very Bad Week-Brian vizzie

Kirri had just left from her office job for the week. She went to a nearby coffeehouse to pick up her usual tall vanilla iced latte. As she paid for it and picked up to take a sip, a man distracted by his cell phone conversation ran into her, causing her latte to spill on to her white cotton button down blouse. He managed to apologize and offered to wipe up the spill on her blouse though he felt like his cell phone was stuck to his head.

It felt like her day had gotten worse, but her whole week had been much worse. Then, a strawberry blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy walked up to Kirri.

"Are you okay, miss?" He asked as he wiped off the coffee spilled on her work clothes with a napkin.

"I'm fine, thanks. Just having a rough day." she said.

"Mind if I buy you whatever drink you have?" he offered with a smile.

"That would be great. Tall vanilla iced latte."Kirri said to the mysterious saint.

Kirri sat down at a table by the window as she put down her briefcase and purse. A few minutes later, he came with her iced vanilla latte and sat with her at the table.

"Thank you so much. That was so nice of you..."Kirri said.

"Brian. My name's Brian." he introduced himself to her, offering his hand to her.

"Nice to meet you, Brian. My name's Kirri." she replied as she shook his hand.

"Seems you had a bad day." Brian said looking into her eyes.

"Actually, it was a very bad week." Kirri said back.

"Tell me about it. I'm a very good listener." He said.

"It all started on Monday. My roommate Melissa had used up all the milk for which I couldn't eat any cereal that morning. At work, things went well until I was about to go on my lunch break when my friends and co-workers Adam and Felicia needed me to cover for them, making me miss my lunch break. Then, Melissa had to borrow my favorite pair of heels for her date with her boyfriend Drew." Kirri said as she took a sip of her iced latte.

"On Tuesday, my roomate borrows my beauty products and the bottles were damn near empty. Then had the nerve to leave me a note saying she'll replace them. I have yet to see them. Then on Wednesday I was working on a project for work when suddenly the power went out because Melissa forgot to pay her half of the electric bill. Luckily I saved my work on a CD-ROM. That afternoon at work, I had missed another lunch break because I had to cover for another co-worker of mine. After work, my so-called boyfriend Tim was supposed to take me to dinner but he had a paper to work on for his paralegal class. I had to buy the groceries because Melissa had to work late. On Thursday, Melissa wanted to borrow my car because her car broke down and had to get it fixed. She does have a job, working over at Best Buy. She then ate my pint of dulce de leche ice cream. And here comes today, I had to take the bus to work today because Melissa borrowed my car again. My boss had me handling the phones and the paperwork because he had some sort of emergency. After work, I waited on Tim to pick me from work and he hadn't shown up yet." She said taking a few more sips of her drink.

"Wow. I'm sorry you such a bad week." Brian said as lent a sympathetic ear.

"It's okay." She said to him.

Then, Kirri's cell phone rang. She excused herself, took the phone out of her pocket, and answered it. It was Melissa, who had explained to Kirri why Tim was taking so long to get her from work because he spent most of his day the library, trying to finish his paper. Kirri then confronted both of them over the phone. She then got angry when Melissa told her that she ate some of her sweet snacks from her stash and loaned some of her things to her friends. Their cell phone confrontation made any episode of The Hills look like the original Beverly Hills 90210. Kirri asked Melissa where her car was and she told Kirri she used it to pick up her car from the mechanic and returned it with a full tank of gas. Kirri told Melissa she could never borrow her car ever again. Kirri was so mad with them she hung up on them.

She put her cell phone in her purse. She was so frustated from this week.

"At least she returned my car with gas and not a scratch." Kirri said.

"How about I take you to my place?"Brian offered.

"Sure. I would like that." Kirri replied.

Kirri gathered her briefcase and purse and went with to his place. They rode in his Ford Focus to his house. Brian's house was a medium-sized yet spacious white house with right size windows and a door. Once they had entered his place, Brian gave her a private tour of his humble abode.

"Your place is really nice, Brian." Kirri said in amazement.

"Thanks. Why don't you make yourself at home and relax in the living room?" Brian said as he went into the bathroom.

"Ok. Thank you." Kirri said as she sat on the big, comfortable beige sofa and rested her purse and briefcase beside the sofa.

She felt relaxed the moment she sat on the sofa. Then, Brian walked into the living room.

"I've fixed you a warm, relaxing bubble bath. I'll even wash your clothes." He said to her as he walked with her to the bathroom.

Brian then helped her out of her work clothes and even took off her shoes and panythose. His bathroom looked like something she saw in Better Homes and Gardens. The towel and washcloth was set for her on top of the toilet seat. Her dark reddish brown hair was already put up in an updo with a few strands on the side of her face. She took the washcloth and sat herself down in the bathtub. The warmth of the bath made her relax. She rubbed the soap on the washcloth and began rubbing it on her wet, naked body. Brian then came into the room. He kneeled beside her by the bathtub.

He smiled and said, "I know I fixed this bath just for you. I was wondering if I can join you."
"I don't mind that at all." Kirri said to him.

Brian began taking his clothes off right in front of her. He had a lean, fit bod that would rival any athlete or model and Kirri was impressed. She moved aside letting Brian into the tub. He sat behind Kirri and started rubbing her shoulders.

"Brian, you didn't have to do all of this for me." Kirri said.

"I don't have to, Kirri. I want to. I don't mind being hospitable and accomendating to lovely yet stressed out woman such as you."Brian replied with a smile.

He then kissed her lips. His hands slowly roamed all over body under the warm bath water. His mouth never left hers once he got the bar of soap and washcloth and scrubbed her back. Then, they stood up in the tub. Brian rubbed the soap all over her body nice and slow. Kirri lightly moaned at the feel of his strokes. He then put the soap down, dropped the washcloth in the water, and caressed every inch of her wet, naked, soapy body. He deeply kissed her lips as he rinsed the soap off of her with the washcloth. After the bath, Kirri wrapped a towel around her body and dried off while Brian dried himself off with his towel. He then pulled her close as her kissed her neck. He took her hand and led her to his bedroom.

There, he slowly loosened Kirri's towel, letting it fall on to the floor as he kissed her again. His hands roamed all over her naked body. She moaned at the feel of his hands. He gave feverish kisses to her lips and neck. He then moved lower to her bare, soft breasts. She gasped feeling his mouth on them.

"Ohhhh Bri...... Brian." She moaned loudly.

Kirri ran her fingers through his short hair. Brian laid her down on his large bed as his mouth explored further down her body. His hands traveled every inch of her. His mouth then found her honey pot and licked her there. She shruddered and squirmed in delight as he tasted her.

"Mmmmmm. Kirri, you taste so sweet like honey." Brian as he briefly looked up at her.
As he licked and sucked her down there, he took it further by slipping two fingers inside her. His actions sent her over the edge, making her wet in the process. She felt so tight and wet. She came on his fingers and Brian licked her nectar from them. He lowered himself on top of her and deeply kissed her lips. He took off his towel. He was ready for her. He held her as he slowly enter her warm, wet woman cave. He entered her deep and slow. Kirri gasped and moaned.

While he was in and out of her, his hands held on to Kirri's body while his lips kissed her neck.

"Oh God Kirri! You feel so good." Brian moaned.

Her moans and groans increased in tempo as she called his name over and over and Brian called her name repeatedly.

"That's it, Kirri. Cum with me!" He rasped.

They reached climax together and spent their collective orgasm. Brian spilled his seed inside her and wrapped Kirri in arms. They laid together in each other's arms, drenched in their love dew.

"Brian, I feel so much better. Thank you." Kirri said to him.

"Glad I can help. Would you like to stay for dinner and dessert?" Brian said as he kissed her.

"I would love to. Let me call my roommate." Kirri replied

Kirri called Melissa to let her know she's not coming home tonight and then called Tim to tell him it's over.

She looked at Brian with a smile on her face and said, "I am so glad you made my stress disappear. " and then she passionately kissed his lips as her way of saying thanks.

"I can't wait to make love you all night." He said happily.

From the way things went with her and Brian, Kirri just knew that her bad week was over and a good weekend was just getting started.


Friday, March 6, 2009

The Body That Loves You-Howie D. vizzie/song fic

Amy couldn't wait to see Howie. He was the only thing on her mind. She came home from work and went into her house. She noticed Howie's car was parked by her driveway. She wondered what was he doing at her house. Once she got in, she noticed there were candles lit all over the living room, a bottle of wine chilling in ice with two glasses nearby, and a trail of rose petals. Then, she saw Howie with a long-stemmed red rose bouquet in his hand.

"For my lady" he said to her,handing her the roses.

"Oh Howie, you shouldn't have." Amy said in amazement.

"Baby, you're all I think and dream about. I think of kissing you, touching every inch of your body, making love to you all night long, hearing you moan and groan." He said to her.


Sensual physical love

Is waiting here for you

Will you unleash my desire?


These are the hands that'll touch you

These are the lips that'll kiss you

These are the arms that'll hold you

So come get this body that loves you

Oh how my heart does miss you


Stroke me so gently my love

I love it when you mmmmm...

Will you unleash my desire?

His hands began to touch her. His heart was aching to be with her. He gave her a glass of wine and she took a few, small sips. Howie then took her hand and kissed her hand before moving to her lips. Not only was his heart aching for her so was his manhood because it was getting harder by the minute. His soulful, deep chocolate brown eyes were undressing her. His hands ran through her silky shoulder-length reddish brown hair as he continued kissing her lips.


Baby my heart's achin

My body longs for you

Candlelight and wine are waiting

Create the mood for


Sensual physical love

Is waiting here for you

Will you unleash my desire?


As I behold you with my eyes

They'll undress you and you'll undress me too

I want to feel you move inside me

Oh how I long for yourLove

Sensual physical love

Is waiting here for you-hoo-hoo

Will you unleash my desire?



Stroke me so gently my love

I love it when you mmmmmm

Will you release my desire?

His lips then moved down to her neck, which was one of her most sensitive spots on her body. His hands then unzipped her black leather jacket, letting it fall onto the tile floor. He slowly unbuttoned her blue striped blouse one by one. His lips lowered to the tops of her breasts which were covered by a navy blue satin bra. He cupped her breasts with his hands as his lips planted soft kisses them. Amy softly moaned at the feel of his lips and hands all over her body. He was taking his sweet time on her.

He slid the blouse off of her body while his hands moved lower to the waistband of her black short skirt, unzipping the back. Amy was left in her lingerie and her black high heels. Howie then lifted her as he carried her in his arms to the bedroom.


Undress me

Slowly(these are the hands that'll touch you)

I want to kiss you all overIs that okay?(these are the lips that'll kiss you)

We embrace...Skin to skin(these are the arms that'll hold you)

Hold me

Oh baby

My body's arched for you(come get this body that loves you)

Come here

I've missed you so much

I forgot how good it could feel(oh how my heart does miss you)

Please make love to me(come get the body that loves you)

Once they got to the bedroom, Howie gently laid her down on the bed. He removed the shoes from her feet, then began working his way up her body. He softly kissed before he moved lower to softly kiss and lick her thighs and legs. Amy passionately sighed at the feel of his kisses. His hands unhooked the back of her bra, freeing her lush breasts. His mouth suckled and licked them like they were covered in sugar. His hands slowly caressed every square inch of her. Amy couldn't get enough of Howie. She loved all the foreplay, but she now wanted to feel him inside her.

"Howie, please. I love all this foreplay but I want you inside me. Right now!" Amy loudly moaned.

He looked at her, smiled, and said, "Be patient, baby. Good things come for those who wait."
Howie then unbuttoned and unzipped his khaki pants. His fingers found her panties and saw a wet spot at the crotch.

He sinfully smiled as he said, "Somebody's getting wet." as he slowly removed her panties. His lips kissed and licked her sweet love box. Amy took a sharp breath as he tasted her. She arched her hips as he fingered and tasted her at the same time. She ran her hands through his dark brown hair. Amy started calling his name.

Howie then looked up at her and said, "Mmmmmmmm Amy, you taste so sweet."

Then, he got up and sat on his knees. Amy reached out her hand and slowly stroked his hardening manhood under his boxers as he took off his pants. He softly moaned against her ear.

"I'm ready for you, Amy." Howie said to her as he took off his boxers.

He was ready to get inside her. He entered her love box nice and slow. Amy let out a passion-filled gasp as he filled her. He went in and out of her while his hands had caressed her body and he held her close to his body. They looked into each other's eyes as they reached climax together. Then Howie came inside her. He laid on top of her body and deeply kissed her lips.

"Amy, my body loves you. My hands love to touch you and my lips love kissing you all over. I love making love to you." Howie said to her.

Amy replied "Howie, I love it when you make love to me."

With that, Howie passionately kissed her lips as they were about make love again.

The Body That Loves You-Janet Jackson


Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Rapturous Rhapsody-Kevin Richardson visual

Amy was playing on her piano in her living room. Playing the piano is her hobby. The piece she was playing Beethoven's Fur Elise. As she played, her boyfriend Kevin quietly walked into the living room with a bouquet of roses in his hand that were lavender (love at first sight), orange (heart's desire), and red (romance and love).

He softy placed the rose bouquet on her lap. Then, he sat behind her on the piano as he watched and listened. He imagined touching and kissing her, playing with her body like a delicate instrument, and hearing her moans, groans, and sighs that were music to his ears. He wanted to tickle her ivories like the ones Amy tickled on the piano and make her moans go from pianissimo (very softly) to crescendo (very loudly). He gently felt the tight curls on her long dark auburn hair. Once she finished playing, he softly kissed and then applauded her. She then looked at him and smiled.

"Kevin, I didn't hear or see you come in." She said.

"You look so beautiful playing the piano." Kevin replied as he gave her the roses.

"They're lovely, Kevin. Thank you." She said, looking at her rose bouquet.

"The roses are as lovely as the woman who plays the piano." He said, looking at Amy.

She blushed as she put her roses in a crystal water-filled vase. Kevin then walked up behind her, softly wrapping his arms around her waist. She turned to him as he passionately kissed her lips. He led her back to the piano bench where she sat. He kissed her deeply as he caressed her body. As they kissed, he unbuttoned her black cotton blouse button by button. His fingers lightly traced from her face to her neck to the tops of her breasts. He kissed one side of her neck while his hands softly caressed her white lace bra-covered breasts. He then took off her blouse, letting it slip from her body. His hands moved lower to her dark gray skirt. His hand softly touched her thighs then moved up to her back where he unhooked her bra. His hand fondled her bare breasts. His tongue lightly licked her nipples before taking each breast into his mouth.

Amy's moans went from pianissimo to moderato appassionata (passionately moderate) as Kevin pleased her body. He kneeled down in front of her and kissed up from her legs to her thighs. He took off his shirt, showing his lean, cut bod that has always turned her on. He then laid her down on the piano bench. Amy reached out her hands to touch his body.

"Amy, I just love how good you feel under my hands and my mouth" Kevin said, looking into her blue green eyes as he kissed and licked her stomach.

Amy still moaned and groaned from every touch and kiss Kevin made on her body. His hands went up to her breasts, squeezing them. His mouth suckled her breasts a little more before kissing her lips and neck again. He planted a few kisses and licks on them before moving lower. His green eyes became dark with lust when he saw a wet spot on her white lace panties. He carefully took them off from her body. He inhaled her feminine scent as he inserted a finger into her pussy. Her moans increased in sound as he fingered her pussy and licked her clit at the same time. Kevin added another finger, making her even more hotter and wetter. He replaced his fingers with just his mouth. He softly and slowly tasted her female nectar which was as sweet as honey. His rough facial hair tickled her spot and her thighs. Amy stroked his black hair as he tasted and licked her. He then unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt before sliding it off her body.

"You're just as beautiful naked as you were full clothed." He said to Amy, looking at her curvy body.

Amy smiled back as she watched Kevin get on his feet. He ran his fingers through her hair as she unzipped his pants. She slowly pulled down his black boxer briefs and licked him nice and slow. Amy could hear his moans as his hands travelled up and down her body. Like her moans are music to his ears, his moans were music to hers. His hands ran through her hair as she continued to lick and suck him.

"Ohhhhhh, Amy." He moaned.

After the oral seduction, Kevin deeply kissed her lips again. He then switched places with Amy on the piano bench. He laid himself down on the bench and let Amy get on top of him. Though her back faced Kevin, Amy slid into his cock and rode him. Kevin caressed her entire body as she rode him. He even rubbed her clit while she was on top. After that, Kevin and Amy spooned on the floor by the piano as he went in and out of her.

"Amy, I would love to hear you come for me. I love it when I pleasure you." Kevin said, moaning into her ear.

Amy moaned and groaned as Kevin pleasured and held her. He kissed her neck and licked her earlobe as she reached climax.

"Kevin, don't stop! You're gonna make me come!" She loudly exclaimed.

She moaned in crescendo until they had both reached climax. Their moans and groans echoed in the room. Amy had spent her orgasm and Kevin's essence spilled inside her. They were in pure, dolce (sweet) sexual bliss as he sucked one of her nipples and kissed her lips deeply and passionately.

"That was wonderful!" Kevin panted happily.

"It was." Amy said blissfully.

"I was thinking we should have an encore in your bedroom. I would like to taste and touch you again and again." He suggested brazenly as he looked into her eyes in a lustful stare.

"I like the thought." Amy said with a smile on her face as Kevin wrapped his strong arms around. He then carried her into the bedroom for another fantastic performance.


Lay Down Beside Me-AJ vizzie/song fic

I was at a party with a few of my close friends. We were just dancing and having a good time. I looked over my shoulder and I saw this guy who watching me dancing. I could tell he was wanting to dance with me. The DJ was playing a slow song and the guy who saw me walked up to me, introduced himself as AJ, and asked me if he wanted to dance with me and I said yes.

Something about the way you moved

That caught my eye

I really did have to try it, yes

I can't deny it

The way your body swayed

As I watched you from behind

That got me so excited

How could I fight it

Baby let me be the one to hold you

To give you the things I know you need

You know that we could wait another life time

And we can never find a love just like this

[Chorus:]If you lay down, lay down beside me

You can get all inside me

And I can get all inside you too

If you lay down,

lay down beside me

You can wake up beside me, forever

Forever and ever

Forever and ever, baby

While we slow danced, AJ placed his hands on my stomach as I slowly move my hips against his lean, built body.

Then, he said to me "Let's go somewhere a little quiet like your place." and I went along with it.

We got to my place, hand in hand. He took off his sunglasses and began looking at every square inch of my lush, curvaceous bod. He looked into my eyes. AJ smiled at me motioned for me to come a little closer to him. I walked up to him till my body came to his and in one slow instant, his mouth deeply and passionately kissed mine.

Let's take this chance

To get to know each other better

Maybe we will discover

That we can be more than lovers

I give you all you need

Just come to me and get it

Baby you won't regret it

Baby move a little closer

I wanna feel your body next to mine

And before this night is over

You will know just what it means

To be loved until you scream

We continued to kiss as I began taking off AJ's shirt and dropped iton the living room floor. I feel his hands going up and down my back.

I heard him whisper "You got a sexy body. I like a woman with a little meat on her bones. I would love to wrap my arms around you all night long."

We went into my bedroom and AJ was still kissing me, only this time the kissing was slower and yet still passionate. His fingers found the zipper to my faux suede jacket and unzipped it, letting it drop. His lips moved lower to my neck while he unhooked my black and plum corset top. He sat me down on my bed before laying me down. I began taking off my black stretch low-rise jeans. Soon as I laid down, AJ began kissing me from the waist up. I quivered when he softly began kissing my belly and up to the area between my breasts while I was in my pink lace underwear.

AJ looked at me and said "You look very sexy."

I looked at him and said "Thanks. You look pretty hot yourself."

I watched as he took off his jeans and he was in his boxers. I wrap my thick legs around his waist as he pulls me close and kisses me.

Tonight we'll find

Find just what you've been looking for

Good, good lovin' and a whole lot more

So hold on (Hold on)

Hold me and don't you let go

Not till I tell you to

He pulled out a pillow from my bed and I laid down. His hands werebehind my back, unhooking my bra. My large breasts felt heavy in hishands. I let out a soft moan as was squeezing them and sucking them. My hands were on his shoulders. My nipples were hard in his mouth. He moved a little lower to my belly. I felt his tongue licking around my belly button. Slowly, he removed my panties. I slightly opened my legs. I gasped while feeling his tongue and lips on my womanhood and his hands were holding on to my hips. Then, he deeply and softly went inside me. I feel my womanhood lips clamping his member. My gasps were moans. He was still inside me after he laid his body on top of mine. While we laid close to each other, he deeply kissed my mouth.

Lay Down Beside Me by BSB


A Gift for His Mistress-Nick Carter visual

WARNING: Contains mild male/male slash!

Mike came home from work with a gift for his mistress. The gift was a tall, blonde hunk named Nick. Once Mike and Nick arrived at his house, Mike was excited about seeing the look on Jana's face. Jana came down the stairs and saw Mike and her gift.

Mike said, "Nick, this is Jana, my mistress."

She said, "Hi, Nick. Mike, he's really cute."

Jana got a look at Nick and liked what she had seen. Nick was tall, blonde, blue-eyed, well-porportioned, and had a sexy ass. She inspected him with her hands. She couldn't wait to play with her gift. She was excited about playing with him so she went upstairs to get herself ready. While she got ready, Mike wanted to play with Nick for a little bit. He took Nick's hand as he led him to his room. Once they got there, Mike kissed Nick's lips. His hands played with his short, blonde hair and looked into his sparkling blue eyes.

"I've never had another man kiss me like that before." Nick said

Mike looked at him and smiled. He kissed Nick again, but with more passion. He then took Nick's shirt off. Nick's body was a temptation all its own, firm in all the right places. Tattoos on his arms, chest, and back. His skin was smooth to the touch. Mike then moved lower to kiss his neck. Nick touched Mike's dark brown hair as he moved lower to his abs. Mike's hands unbuttoned then unzipped Nick's dark jeans. His fingers then rubbed his cock through his black boxer briefs. Nick softly moaned as he was touched down there. Nick moaned in anticipation as Mike took his dick out of his underwear and slowly sucked him. His cock felt hard in Mike's mouth. His moans and groans turned Mike on. After the male-on-male foreplay, the men were for her. Mike and Nick walked upstairs to Jana's room.

There, Jana was on her bed, looking at a book of Kama Sutra positions. They were ready for her. Mike and Nick sat beside her as they looked at the book together. As they looked at the different threesome positions, Mike smelled her hair and Nick smelled her feminine scent. Jana sat on her knees as both men took off her turquoise baby doll. She then took off her jeans, giving both men a glimpse of her curvy body covered by baby blue lace bra and panties. She laid her body down on her bed and watched as both men took off their clothes. Mike kissed her lips and neck as Nick stood feeling her hand stoking his bulge under his jeans and underwear. While Mike kissed her neck, she softly moaned as Nick sucked her fingers. They both gently stroked and touched every part of her body. Jana was already turned on by the touch of two men. Her hand slowly slid down Nick's body only to get a feel of Nick's cock hardening through his jeans. Mike then lifted her legs and took off her shoes before kissing her feet and legs. Nick then lowered her bra and began kissing her breasts. Mike worked his way up to her stomach, kissing her there. Her moans increased in tempo as both men were turning her on. She then got up to kiss Mike while she took his clothes off. Nick caressed her body with his hands as she kissed Mike. Nick wrapped his arms around her waist while Mike had his hands in her hair.

Jana then took off her bra and panties, revealing her lush body. Mike kissed her lips and face while Nick moved his mouth down her stomach. Once Nick went down to her pussy lips, he licked and tasted her. Mike sat down on his knees and she sucked him. Mike slowly rocked his hips as she sucked his cock. Nick on the other hand was drinking her nectar like a dweller drinking cold water after a long walk on a hot desert. Mike held onto the bedpost with one hand and cradling the back her head with the other.

"Mind if I play with her alone?" Nick asked, looking at Mike.

"I don't mind at all. I'll just watch. Don't worry baby, I'll still be here to please you and him. " Mike replied, giving Jana some air.

Mike sat down on the chair by the bed and watched them play. Nick was orally pleasuring her body. His skilled hands ran through her body. He licked her thighs and knees.

"Nick, I want you to lick me as I sit on your face." She said to him.
Nick positioned himself on the bed, laying on his back. Jana sat on his face, putting her pussy onto his mouth. She felt his lips and wet tongue tasting her. As he licked her, she played with her breasts. Mike rubbed himself raw from watching them play. Her moans were strong and loud. Nick held on to her hips as he licked and sucked her. She laid on top of him and licked his body up and down.

"Oooh, Nick. That feels so good." She loudly moaned as he continued to taste her.

She orgasmed and felt her juices squirt in his mouth. Mike got up and then gave her a deep, passionate kiss. While Nick was still on his back, Mike and Jana licked and sucked his cock. They did the same thing for his balls. From the way Nick moaned and groaned, he enjoyed being pleasured, especially by another man and a woman. Nick ran both of his hands through their hairs as they orally pleased him. After that, they shared another passionate kiss.

"How about you get on top of him?" Mike suggested to her.

"I sure will." Jana replied.

She got on top of Nick and started riding him. While riding Nick's cock, Mike stimultaneously sucked both of Jana's breasts. He then licked her clit and Nick's cock at the same time, orally stimulating them. He loved how they both tasted. Suddenly, Nick came inside her as she had reached orgasm. As Jana got off of Nick, Mike tasted and licked up all of Nick's cum in her pussy. While Mike tasted her, she caressed Nick's body as he caught his breath.

"My turn, baby." He said to her with a smile.

He deeply entered her with his cock. He held on to her thighs as he thrusted in and out of her pussy. Jana's hand held on to Nick's cock, stroking it. Her other hand held on the bed sheet. Nick got up on his knees and sucked and licked her large, natural tits. She then touched Mike's ripped bod with her hand as she reached climax. Mike got himself ready to cum. He took his cock out of Jana's pussy and came on her breasts and on Nick's abs. After their orgasms were spent, Mike and Jana licked his cum off of Nick's body. Then, Nick and Mike licked up the cum on her breasts.

"Mike, I enjoyed our tall, blonde, hot gift." Jana said as she smiled at Nick and kissed both men.

"I enjoyed Nick too. He should play with us whenever we need him." Mike replied as the three of them laid in bed together.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Freak Me-Nick Carter visual/song fic

I was at the club by the myself, having a good time. I danced to the music all around me. That and a lot of other people on the dance floor. Not only was I having a good time, I looked real good. The DJ at the club was spinning the tunes and the lights were flashing all over. Then, I noticed someone walking toward me on the dance floor. He was tall with short blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. He had a sexy smile on his face. He wore a white tank top that showed off his tattooed upper arms, black jeans and black shoes.

He came up to me and said, "Wanna dance?"

I said, "Sure. Let's get down on the dance floor."

As the DJ spinned Christina Aguilera's "Get Mine Get Yours", the hot blonde and I got down on the floor. He loved how I moved and I love how he moved. His hips began grinding against my body. My hands touched his body all over while his hands were on my hips. From there, things were getting hot. I told him I had to go to the restroom to cool off and breathe. I went to the restroom and splashed a little cold water on my face. Suddenly, I looked at the mirror and the hot blonde guy stood behind me.

I smiled and said, "You know this is a women's restroom."

He said, "I know that. You turn me on."

His hands had ran through my long, dark hair as he softly kissed and licked my neck. I looked in the mirror as he slowly seduced me with his hands and mouth.

I asked, "What is it about me that turns you on?"

"Let's see, there's your sexy curves because there's more of you I want to feel." He said with his hands traveling up and down my body. His caresses gave shivers all over. He unzipped my pink leather jacket as he touched me.

"Your lips because they're so soft and so damn kissable." He added as he deeply kissed my lips. I thought to myself "Damn he's turning me on!"

With one hand, he slid it down my skirt and his fingers felt my warm honeypot. I moaned as he rubbed my love button. He tasted my nectar on his fingers before he offered me a taste. I licked his fingers.

"Damn, baby. You're so tight and wet. I would love to make you so hot and wet." He said as he smiled naughty-like.

Then, he took off my jacket, slowly lifted my shirt, and licked the small of my back. I watched the mirror as he pleased me. His hands held on to my hips as he kissed and licked my thighs. He did the same thing to my bottom under my skirt. Nick looked into my brown eyes.

"I want to lick, kiss, and suck every inch of your yummy body. This is just a taste of what I got in store for you. If you want more, here's my hotel key card and room number. My name's Nick. Remember that, you'll be screaming it later." He said seductively as he handed me his hotel room key card to room 406. Once he left, I got so aroused. So I put my jacket back on, left the club, and went straight to the hotel. There, I took the elevator to the 4th floor. I went into his room and used his key card.

Once I got into the room, I called for Nick. I went into the bedroom and there was Nick on the bed with a sultry smile on his face and a "I want to fuck you all night" look in his blue bedroom eyes. I heard Silk's "Freak Me" playing in the background.

"So glad you made it." He said as he got up to kiss my lips deeply. He held my body close to his while taking off my leather jacket. His hands were under my top as we kissed. I took off his tank top. Nick had a sexy, hot, lean, cut body which turned me on in an instant. He removed my top and squeezed my breasts. His mouth kissed my neck. I moaned in response. He kissed the tops of my breasts while his hands moved lower to my skirt.

Let me lick you up and down
Til you say stop
Let me play with your body baby
Make you real hot
Let me do all the things you want me to do
Cuz tonight baby
I wanna get freaky with you

[Verse one:]
Baby don't you understand
I wanna be your nasty man
I wanna make your body scream
And you will know just what I (you know what I mean)
24 carat gold
To warm the nights when you get cold
I wanna lick you up and down
And then I wanna lay you down
C'mon silk

Nick couldn't get enough of me. He then took off my skirt till I was in my pink and black lace bra and panties. I made a trail of kisses from his neck to his abs. He smiled at me as I softly kissed and licked his body. I came back up to him and kissed his lips. He laid me on my back as he unhooked my bra. I took a sharp intake of breath as my breasts were freed. His tongue flickered my nipples till they were hard. He suckled my breasts. His hands were under my skirt, caressing my matching-panty covered bottom. He took off my skirt as he kissed all over my body. I unzipped and unbuttoned his jeans. As I removed them, I noticed his bulge had hardened.

"Looks like someone's not getting enough." I said to Nick playfully.


[Verse two:]
I love the taste of whipped cream
Spread it on don't be mean baby don't be mean)
You know I can't resist you girl
I'll fly you all around the world (all around the world, oh baby)
I wanna make your body drip
C'mon let me take a sip (c'mon, c'mon, c'mon)
Take off what you cherish most (c'mon,c'mon, come on, come on baby)
Cuz when I brag I like to brag and boast


You, you, you, you
Oh you
You, you, you, you
Let me freak you
You, you, you, you
All of you I want it, I want it
You, you, you, you
Oh you You, you, you, you
Let me do you
Cuz tonight baby, I wanna get freaky with you


He smiled at me as he took off his boxers. He then pushed my panties aside and fingered me. As two of his fingers were in my honeypot, his tongue started licking my clit. I felt myself getting wet from the feeling the warmth of his mouth, tasting my wet silk. He added another finger in me, making me very hot. I couldn't get enough of Nick. I couldn't get enough of his touches and kisses. Now I was ready for him to take me over the edge.

With his cock, he slowly and deeply entered me. I arched my back as he thrusted in and out of me. His hands held on to my hips before moving them all over me. His lips kissed a trail up and down my neck. My hands horizontally stroked his hot body.

"Come for me, baby. Let it go!" He moaned.

I moaned and groaned right until he spilled his male essence inside me. Nick pulled me and deeply kissed my lips while still inside of me.

"Oh Nick, you're so hot!" I happily said to him.

"So are you. I'm about to take a hot shower. Care to join me? I would love to do you again and again all night." He said as he smiled sinfully.

"I accept your invitation." I said brazenly as I joined Nick in the bathroom for a very hot shower. After that, we had steamy sex all night.

Freak Me by Silk


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