Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lay Down Beside Me-AJ vizzie/song fic

I was at a party with a few of my close friends. We were just dancing and having a good time. I looked over my shoulder and I saw this guy who watching me dancing. I could tell he was wanting to dance with me. The DJ was playing a slow song and the guy who saw me walked up to me, introduced himself as AJ, and asked me if he wanted to dance with me and I said yes.

Something about the way you moved

That caught my eye

I really did have to try it, yes

I can't deny it

The way your body swayed

As I watched you from behind

That got me so excited

How could I fight it

Baby let me be the one to hold you

To give you the things I know you need

You know that we could wait another life time

And we can never find a love just like this

[Chorus:]If you lay down, lay down beside me

You can get all inside me

And I can get all inside you too

If you lay down,

lay down beside me

You can wake up beside me, forever

Forever and ever

Forever and ever, baby

While we slow danced, AJ placed his hands on my stomach as I slowly move my hips against his lean, built body.

Then, he said to me "Let's go somewhere a little quiet like your place." and I went along with it.

We got to my place, hand in hand. He took off his sunglasses and began looking at every square inch of my lush, curvaceous bod. He looked into my eyes. AJ smiled at me motioned for me to come a little closer to him. I walked up to him till my body came to his and in one slow instant, his mouth deeply and passionately kissed mine.

Let's take this chance

To get to know each other better

Maybe we will discover

That we can be more than lovers

I give you all you need

Just come to me and get it

Baby you won't regret it

Baby move a little closer

I wanna feel your body next to mine

And before this night is over

You will know just what it means

To be loved until you scream

We continued to kiss as I began taking off AJ's shirt and dropped iton the living room floor. I feel his hands going up and down my back.

I heard him whisper "You got a sexy body. I like a woman with a little meat on her bones. I would love to wrap my arms around you all night long."

We went into my bedroom and AJ was still kissing me, only this time the kissing was slower and yet still passionate. His fingers found the zipper to my faux suede jacket and unzipped it, letting it drop. His lips moved lower to my neck while he unhooked my black and plum corset top. He sat me down on my bed before laying me down. I began taking off my black stretch low-rise jeans. Soon as I laid down, AJ began kissing me from the waist up. I quivered when he softly began kissing my belly and up to the area between my breasts while I was in my pink lace underwear.

AJ looked at me and said "You look very sexy."

I looked at him and said "Thanks. You look pretty hot yourself."

I watched as he took off his jeans and he was in his boxers. I wrap my thick legs around his waist as he pulls me close and kisses me.

Tonight we'll find

Find just what you've been looking for

Good, good lovin' and a whole lot more

So hold on (Hold on)

Hold me and don't you let go

Not till I tell you to

He pulled out a pillow from my bed and I laid down. His hands werebehind my back, unhooking my bra. My large breasts felt heavy in hishands. I let out a soft moan as was squeezing them and sucking them. My hands were on his shoulders. My nipples were hard in his mouth. He moved a little lower to my belly. I felt his tongue licking around my belly button. Slowly, he removed my panties. I slightly opened my legs. I gasped while feeling his tongue and lips on my womanhood and his hands were holding on to my hips. Then, he deeply and softly went inside me. I feel my womanhood lips clamping his member. My gasps were moans. He was still inside me after he laid his body on top of mine. While we laid close to each other, he deeply kissed my mouth.

Lay Down Beside Me by BSB


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  1. dang dirty BSB song! =) me likey