Monday, April 20, 2009

Waiting for Her-Howie D. vizzie

Howie came into Amy's bedroom while she was at work with a bouquet of white roses in his hand. She was on his mind all day. He laid on the bed, placing the roses beside him. He thought of nothing but taking Amy into his arms, kissing and touching every inch of her. He could hear her car coming to the driveway of her house, her footsteps to the front door, the dangling of her keys, and the opening and closing of the door.

Amy had just came home from work. All she wanted to was relax but then again she thought of Howie. She wanted to feel his caresses and kisses all over her body. She walked upstairs to her bedroom and saw Howie lying in her bed.

"Oh my God! Howie, you startled me!" Amy exclaimed excitedly.

"Sorry I scared you, baby. I've been thinking about you all day long." Howie said to her.

"Baby, I've been thinking of you too." Amy replied.

Howie then got up from the bed and kissed her lips with such deepness and passion. His hands were placed on her back. He looked at her with his bedroom eyes.

"Let's get you out of your work clothes." He said with a sinful smile.

First, he slowly unbutton her black blazer while kissing her lips. His lips then moved down to her neck as he took off her white blouse, unbuttoning the buttons one by one. He caressed both sides of her body while her blouse was unbuttoned. Then, his hands moved lower to her long black skirt. He reached around and unzipped it. As her skirt came off, Amy sighed from his touches. She was now in her baby blue lace bra and panties. His hands moved lower to her feet as he took off her shoes. He took her hand and led her to the queen-sized bed. Slowly, he unhooked her bra, setting her breasts free. His mouth suckled them while holding Amy tight. His mouth and hands were craving her body. His hands explored every curve of her body while his mouth savored her breasts. He then kissed up to her neck, giving it kisses, soft licks and bites.

Amy began taking off Howie's clothes, piece by piece, till he was in his undies. She kissed his face and neck as his hands and mouth never lost sight of her body. She planted soft kisses down his lean body. He softly moaned at the feel of her kisses. Amy slowly pulled down his undies and then gently suckled his cock. His moans gradually increased from the sensation. His hands held both of hers, holding on to them. As she licked him, he petted her, stroking the silky strands of her rich chocolate brown hair. Both of his hands stroked her body up and down with soft, sweet, slow caresses. Amy then kissed up and down his abs all before giving her a passionate, deep kiss. While he kissed her lips, Howie lifted Amy and laid her body down on top of the bed. He was on top of her with his mouth still on hers. He slipped his hand into her panties and his fingers found her honeypot, warm and wet. She felt her juices leaking into his fingers. He removed her panties in one quick swoop and lowered his mouth on to her honey pot. His tongue lapped up her woman honey. Amy was in a fever pitch of an orgasm as he continued to taste her. Her juices then came into his mouth.

After that, Howie was ready to get inside her. His hardened bulge entered her tunnel inch by inch as he filled her. He moved in and out of her while she moaned loud and hard. Howie managed to hold her close, kissing her neck as he pleasured her. His hands were exploring every inch. Once they had got to climax, Howie spilled his man milk inside her, causing her to spend her orgasm. Then, Howie wrapped his arms around her in a post-coital embrace, For Howie, waiting for Amy well worth it.


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  1. oooooooooh, pheromones. Hot, steamy, sexy all very Howie. Mama likes.