Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Anxious-Howie song fic/vizzie

[1st Verse:]

Nine O' clock,

All alone,

Paging you

Wishing you'd come over,

my place, after while,

Let me know

We can just keep talkin 'bout the last time, you were here

What we did (no sleep till morning),

Only bubble baths and back rubs

Hit me back, girl I hope, you hurry 'cause


I'm so anxious

So meet me at 11:30,

I love the way you're talkin' dirty

Said, I'm so anxious

Girl could you quit this stallin',

you know I'm a sexaholic


It was 9 o'clock and Howie was at home by himself. He picked up his cell phone and paged Jessica who was working at a boutique that night. He couldn't help think of the sexy, romantic things that they did the other night. They had made love all night until sunrise. He loved kissing and caressing her body, he loved everything about her. He wanted to make love to her again and again, just the very idea made him hard down there.


[2nd Verse:]

It's 10:10, where you been?

Did you get my message?

(Your expression is telling me that you've been thinkin' the same thang)

The same thang I've been thinkin'

You say you're workin, well hit me just as soon as your shift, is over

And i'll be waitin, 'cause I can't sleep for reminscin

About you and what we do, Hit me back and hope you hurry

Meanwhile, Jessica's shift ended and she was on her way to Howie's house. She called his number after receving his sexy text message at 10 minutes after 10 o'clock. After that, she drove straight to his place. She thought of Howie and everything sexy thing about him that turns her on. She also thought of the other night where they had a candlelit bubble bath with red rose petals, scented candles, and lots of passionate kisses and slow caresses. All of that before they gave each other a hot oil massage and made love on supersoft sheets throughout the night.
She imagined feeling his hands and mouth all over her. She arrived at Howie's house 10 minutes. As soon as she entered the house, Howie gave her lips the steamiest, most passionate kiss she ever had. While he kissed Jessica, he took off his shirt. His hands caressed her body as he kissed down her neck as they lowered themselves to the living room floor.

"Baby, I'm so glad you can make it." Howie said with a sexy smile on his face that gets her heart fluttering.

He then took off her clothes, one by one. He kissed and licked every exposed inch of her body. Jessica was on top of him as she slowly unbuttoned and removed his shirt. His hands, lips, and body craved all of hers. Howie then took off his pants. She could feel how hard he was for her. He got up to take off his underwear before he sat back down. Howie placed Jessica on top of him, positioning her in a 69. They tasted each other at the same time while their hands caressed their bodies and heard each other's miffled moans. Jessica slowly slid off of Howie's body as she took him out of her mouth. He then picked her up, carried her in his arms, and continued kissing her lips to the bathroom where a hot, romantic, candlelit bubble bath awaited them.



Said as soon as you hit the door, I'ma pull you down on the floor

And before we get to touch the bed, Baby back up every word you said

And before we, got to hit the lights

And before we start the candelights

Baby girl, I wanna bump and grind

This is something that's been on my mind

Once they had arrived in the white bathroom, strewn with red rose petals and glowed from the lights of the vanilla-scented candles, Howie took his time and admired Jessica's naked with his eyes and hands, all while basking in the candlelit glow. The heavenly smell of vanilla, roses, and pheromones filled the air all around the bathroom. He gently placed her in the very warm water before he got in himself. They deeply, passionately kissed each other's lips. Under the water, Howie's fingers her woman oyster while his thumb caressed around her pearl. Jessica moaned as he manually explored her love cave. She was very hot, tight, and wet down there. He placed her body up on the side of the tub, gently spread her legs open, and gently flickered his tongue against her woman pearl. He alternated between soft licks and slow suckling. He took it to another level when he slipped a finger into her. He just loved how good she tasted. Her juices gradually flowed into his mouth as she touched the back of his head, feeling his dark hair. Once she spent her orgasm, Howie then got up and pulled her body close to his. As they kissed again, Jessica softly slid her hand down Howie's body and felt his erection hardening in her hand.
Jessica then sat up in the tub while Howie softly caressed her body along with the very warm, scented, bath water. With his mouth, he started a trail from her lips to her breasts, down to her stomach, and back up to her lips. His hands played with her dark brown hair which was in a ponytail. He then took a bottle of body wash and a handful of warm massage oil from a 3-in-1 candle, mixed them together with both hands, and rubbed it all over Jessica's wet, naked body. He poured most of the massage oil down her back and rubbed it in. They were ready for each other to melt into one.


Jessica slowly entered Howie as he sat back in the tub. She rode onto his hard cock as he caressed all over her body. He looked into her eyes as Jessica rocked against him. He loved the sound of her being pleasured while he held her. She felt her body quiver as he gently thrusted against her. After that, she moved over to the other side of the tub and leaned slightly forward. His body molded with hers as he slowly entered her love cave again. He caressed her hair and kissed her back as he moved in and out her in a slow rhythm.

"Jessica, baby. I want you to come for me." He whispered in her ear as he continued moving inside her. She moaned and groaned while he held her. He slightly increased the speed of his thrusts. They climaxed together as his seed spilled into her canal. Once their mutual orgasm was spent, Howie and Jessica sat back against the tub with him still inside her. Howie caressed her body and kissed her neck as their bodies were recovering.

"Howie, thank you for being patient, baby. I love you." Jessica said to him.

"I love you too, baby girl. I look to taking you to my bed and go at it again." Howie replied as he kissed her neck.

After staying in bath a few minutes more, Howie and Jessica got out of the bath and went to the bed for a warm massage and more lovemaking.

So Anxious by Ginuwine


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