Monday, October 19, 2009

The Skirt-a Kevin vizzie

I was getting ready for my date with Kevin. I was wearing a pink long-sleeved peasant top, long black skirt, and strappy black sandals. Kevin arrived and gave me two dozen red roses.We go on our date and we went dancing. When we came back to my place,I noticed me and him were both wearing long skirts,except his skirt was dark gray and he was wearing a black cotton shirt. We talked, he compliments me, and then he kisses me deeply. He carefully removes my top and skirt as I unbutton his shirt and remove his skirt. We continue to passionately kiss when we arrived at my bedroom.

Being the romantic that he is, he sprinkled rose petals on my bed.His caresses were lingering and gentle and his kisses are soft and warm.I feel as if I was going to melt being held in his strong arms. I loved how his fingertips softly touch my skin. I shivered as I felt his tongue slowly circled my belly button. He came back up to my neck and softly kissed me there while his hands were holding my hips.I feel his lips down from my neck to my throat. Then, he kissed my shoulder while whispering sweet nothings in
my ear.

His dark green eyes were full of desire when he looked into my dark
brown eyes. My hands touched his face and slid down to his lean, hard

I said to him "Does anyone tell you of how sexy you look in a
skirt?" and he said "Thanks, and so do you."

He kissed my lips again this time it was deep and passionate. I feel his big hands sliding up and down my back. I quivered and felt my body heat up from his every
touch. My hands were going up and down his backside. His hand cradled the back of my head as he pulled me up and held me close to him.

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