Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Even Sweeter Surprise-Kevin vizzie

I just came home from work, lunch, and shopping with my friend Natalie. We went into the living room and began talking. Natalie and I are very good friends and co-workers. Then, I had a very good idea for tonight and explained it to my good friend. Natalie became very interested in the idea.

"So what do you and Kevin have planned for tonight?" Natalie asked with enthusiam.

"Well, Kevin and I going out to dinner and then come back to my place. That's where I bring you out and we'll surprise him then in the bedroom." I said excitedly.

"Oooh, I can't wait to surprise the two of you tonight!" Natalie happily replied.

That night, Kevin and I came over to my place after our dinner date. We were in total makeout mode once we stepped into my bedroom. We enjoyed each other's company as always.

"Kevin, baby. I have a surprise for you." I said to him in a sultry voice.

"I love a good surprise." He said with a slightly wicked smile on his face as I kissed him.

I walked up to the bedroom closet, opened the door, and Natalie jumped out and happily yelled "Surprise!"

She had a very cold bottle champagne in one hand and a small basket of strawberries in the other. Natalie was also wearing a red satin nighthirt.

"Baby, I had this idea about the three of us having a threesome. Yes, Natalie's involved in it, too!" I said to Kevin.

He smiled and said to me, "Wow, baby girl, I love my surprise!"

I kissed his face and replied, "It's going to be even better." before Natalie and I gathered four cans of Reddi-Whip, two champagne flutes, and three containers with three kinds of melted chocolate: white, dark, and milk. I kissed Kevin's lips, slow and deep. While we kissed, he slowly unzipped the back of my black satin dress. After that, I kissed Natalie's lips.

I looked to Kevin and seductively said, "Ready for dessert?" Kevin and I kissed again as he slowly took off my dress. I, then, took off my lace bra and black high heels. I turned and kissed Natalie's lips as we gathered together on the bed. We watched as Kevin took off all his clothes. Oh, he had the body that would rival any Greek god. Lean and cut in the right places. He sat back on the bed. I dipped the first fresh strawberry in the chilled champagne and fed it to him. As he ate the strawberry, he kissed me again. Natalie got another strawberry and she dipped it into the container of milk chocolate. She let the smooth chocolate drip onto Kevin's abs. Natalie and I got to lick the chocolate from his body before feeding the chocolate dipped strawberry to me. I could hear him softly moan as he got up to kiss us. Then, both Kevin and Natalie kissed my neck at the same time. Natalie unzipped Kevin's pants and slipped her hand into his boxers. She got him just hard enough for the both of us. Kevin then dipped his fingers into each of the melted chocolate and spread it on both of my breasts.

He and Natalie softly licked the chocolate from my breasts. I let out a long, satisfied moan. Kevin came back up to my lips and kissed me. While we kissed, I took off his pants and then his navy blue boxers. I laid him back as I kissed down his body. Natalie and I spreaded some of the chocolate on his hardened manhood. We slowly gave it cat-like long licks. We heard his pleasured moans and felt his hands stroke and play with our hairs. Then, I licked up to his head and Natalie licked down to his balls. I got out one can of Reddi-Whip and applied it on him. We softly sucked him up and down. He tasted really good with the chocolate and whipped cream.

"Mmmmmmmm, you both feel so good. I can't wait to pleasure the both of you." He loudly moaned as we licked him clean.

We stimutaneously kissed and licked up his body. I kissed his lips while Natalie kissed his neck. Kevin got a pillow from the bed and placed it under my head. I laid down as he caressed every inch of my body with his hands. He smiled as pour the melted chocolates on my breasts and belly. Next, Natalie added some whipped cream on my body.

Kevin looked into my eyes said, "Baby, you're my favorite dessert." as he kissed my hand and got the strawberries. He and Natalie each took a strawberry, scooped up the chocolate and whipped cream from my body, and fed them to each other. Kevin then took another strawberry and this time he dipped it into the still cold champagne. He fed it to me. As I ate strawberry, Natalie licked my body clean. We were all enjoying this moment of ecstasy and bliss together. Kevin kissed my lips again before moving lower to my neck. His hands slowly moved down to my hips as he took off my black lace panties.

I delightfully squirmed as Kevin took a slow lick at my woman lips. I lifted my hips as he licked me again and again. He took one of his fingers, dipped it into the milk chocolate, and spread it on my pussy. He gently opened me and his tongue flickered my clit. Natalie took the melted chocolates in her mouth and kissed my lips. For a girl, she tasted so sweet. I felt my female juices leaking into Kevin's mouth as he continued tasting my honey pot. Kevin then looked up at me with a sexy, hot stare and kissed my lips. He then kissed Natalie on the lips while his hands caressed my body. She then took off her nightshirt and was in her red bra and panties. Kevin caressed every square inch of Natalie's body while I kissed Kevin's abs, chest, and stomach. I, then, got up and took off her bra. I dipped my fingers into the melted dark chocolate, spread it on them, and licked the chocolate off her nipples. Natalie had never been so turned on in her life.

I, then, took a small sip of the still cold champagne, carefully took off her panties, and tasted her down there. The bubbles tickled here there. I've never thought she would be ticklish. Kevin then joined me as we both licked her pussy till she was all wet. I then got out a bear-shaped bottle of honey and poured it on to her clit.

As Natalie came, she said, "As much I enjoy this, would you mind if I watch you two have sex while I touch myself?"

Kevin and I lifted our heads from her cunt and I said to her, "Sure."

Natalie moved aside on the bed and watched as Kevin and I have sex. Kevin began to deeply, feverishly kiss my lips while holding my body close to him. My knees and legs were wrapped around his fit waist. His hands were slowly caressing my body. Natalie began touching herself as I was being pleasured by Kevin. He kissed me all over from head to toe. He held me close as went inside my pussy deep. Natalie rubbed and fingered herself a little faster as she was getting ready to cum. Kevin and I climaxed and orgasmed together while Natalie came until her juices coaxed her fingers. Kevin kissed me after our orgasms were spent.

Kevin looked into my eyes and said to me, "Baby, that was the best threesome I ever had. I loved my surprise." as he kissed my lips.

Natalie then walked up to us and said, "I really had fun with the two of you. We should do this again sometime."

"I'll see you tomorrow, Natalie." I said as she left for home.

She then gathered her clothes and got herself ready to leave. "Would you like some more dessert, baby?" Kevin asked as offered me a chocolate-dipped strawberry with whipped cream.

"Love to, baby." I said sexily as he fed me. This threesome was a really good idea. The chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream, and champagne made it all the sweeter. Sex is great with just me and Kevin, but add all the aphrodisiacs and a third person and dessert became even hotter.


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