Thursday, November 19, 2009

Preview of AJ vizzie/song fic-Would You Mind?

AJ looked at his cell phone and wanted to call his girlfriend Jana, who was at a hotel suite in the city for a business conference. He dialed her number and wanted to talk to her. She was on his mind a lot. All he can think about was her in bed. Her soft skin, her sweet perfume, the lingerie she would wear, his hands caressing her, his mouth kissing her in all the right places. He wanted to see her and not just in his fantasies.

Jana answered her cell phone. "Hello?" She answered.

"Hi, baby girl. How's my beautiful, busy careerwoman doing?" He said to her.

"I'm fine, thanks. Just a little exhausted from the conference for a lot of reasons. How about you?" She said.

"Okay. I was thinking maybe I can come see you if you're not too busy." He replied.

"I'm not busy right now. I've been thinking of you while at the conference." She replied.

"I was thinking about you too, baby. Can I come over right away?" He asked.

"Please do." She said brazenly.

A couple of minutes later, AJ went up to Jana's room on the 5th floor. Jana was still in her business clothes when she heard the knock on the door. She opened the door to find AJ with flowers in his hand.

"AJ, I'm so glad to see you. I had a really long day. Thanks for the flowers." She said as she accepted his gift to her.

"You're welcome." He said as he pulled her close to him and kissed her lips.

He hugged her as he said, "I thought of nothing but you, baby. I thought of kissing your lips, caressing your body, holding you in my arms, and all that. I wanted to sex you."

"Would you mind wanting me tonight?" She brazenly asked as she slowly pulled back.

He sexily smiled at her and replied, "I don't mind that at all."

Baby would you mind touching me
Ever so slowly
You're making me quiver
Baby would you mind undressing me
Making me feel sexy
While in the moment

He softly caressed her entire voluptuous, curvy frame with both of his hands. He loved that she has more curves than most of the other girls. She moaned as he took his time touching her body from head to toe. He went down to her feet and helped her take off her black heels. Once the shoes came off, his hands slowly went up to her thick thighs, then up to her waist under her skirt. He carefully took off her black sheer tights. He caressed her hair-free thighs and legs. She smiled at him as he took his time undressing her. He then reached up to the back of her pinstriped skirt and unzipped it. He slid the skirt off of her waist before reaching for her matching blazer.
After taking her blazer off, one by one he slowly unbuttoned her white cotton blouse.

He was surprised yet turned on when he saw that she was wearing a black leather and lace bustier with a mini leather g-string under her business attire. Jana wasn't the one to abandon her femininity and/or sensuality for being a professional woman. The corset was like her personality, strong like the leather, beautiful and feminine like the lace. She got up and then sat AJ down on the white satin-sheet covered, queen-size bed. She let down her black hair with cascading curls down to her shoulders. He then took off his tank top, giving her a glimpse of his lean, hot body.

"Lay back for me, baby." She sexually whispered as she got out something from her duffel bag. As AJ laid back on the bed, she then loosely tied his wrists to the bed post with black satin bondage sashes.

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