Thursday, November 5, 2009

Romantic Romp on The Beach-Nick vizzie

For Sandy (sandywhite)

Sandy and Nick went out on a romantic date on the beach. It was the perfect night with the full moon shining and the stars sparkling in the nightsky. They had a beachside picnic, feeding each other various foods while looking into each other's eyes.

The crashing waves of the ocean were set the scene for passionate lovemaking at the beach. Nick looked at every inch of Sandy's with lust and desire. Sandy did the same with him. Nick passionately kissed her lips while holding her in his arms. She then took off Nick's jacket and then his shirt. She was immediately turned on when his shirtless, ripped body glowed by the moonlight. They moved aside the picnic and the food, going into heavy makeout mode. Nick carefully lowered the straps of her black and white satin dress. He then unhooked her strapless bra and gently sucked her breasts. She let out a sigh. He moaned as he licked and sucked them while moving her dress lower to her waist. He then laid her down on the sand and took off her dress. She slipped off her shoes, letting her toes feel the soft sand.

Nick sinfully smiled at her as he slowly took off her panties. He slipped a finger into her hot pussy and started licking her clit. He took his sweet tasting her like an ice cream cone slowly melting in the hot sun. The way he fingered and licked made her juices about to overflow into his mouth. He loves the sounds of her being pleasured. He licked up her thigh before kissing her lips again. They got up and moved closer to the shore. Nick stood behind her to gently caress her body with his hands as he kissed her neck. Then, she unzipped his jeans and slipped her hand down his boxers to touch him. He was already getting hard. He moaned at the feel of her hand down there. Once she freed his cock, he laid down and she slowly took him into her mouth. As she licked and sucked him slow, he placed his hands in her long, medium blonde hair, running his hands through the strands. She licked his cock with cat-like licks.

"I love how your mouth feels on my cock. I'm ready for you." He moaned.

Sandy lifted her head and kissed his lips. He got up to hold her close as he slowly and deeply went inside her pussy. His body rocked against as the ocean waves splashed against their naked bodies. Their eyes were filled with passion and lust as Nick filled her again and again. Her moans were rising and falling like the waves. He sat down, then placed Sandy in front of him, and went inside her again. He went in and out of her, deep,slow,and hard, He licked and kissed her neck as he whispered, "That's it baby. Come for me."

Her moans and groans increased in tempo as Nick caressed her body. As she climaxed, he pulled out of her and came on her stomach. Her orgasm crashed like a large wave of lust.Their sweat-soaked, pleasure-drenched bodies rested against the rising and falling ocean waves, making them really wet with ecstasy. Nick passionately kissed her lips, looked into her blue eyes, and said, "Wanna go for a dip in the ocean?"

"I like that" she replied with a smile as they went into the ocean and took a moonlit skinny dip.


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  1. after the mess on her tummy I would take a skinny dip too...*smiles*