Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Amy's Knight-Kevin vizzie

It was a bright, sunny day at an open, flowered valley and Amy was anticipating her romantic date with Kevin. They planned on doing a little role playing for their date. She sat on a large blue blanket, dressed in a red medieval princess dress that had lace trim and baroque damask. Her shoulder-length dark brown hair flowed in the light breeze and her feet were covered by a pair of red ballerina flats that were decorated with red lace.

The day before, Amy watched one of her women's porn DVDs and one of the vignettes had this man and woman dressed as Lancelot and Guenevere and they had passionate, romantic sex on an open field with grass and flowers. Amy then imagined herself as the queen and Kevin as her knight in shining armor. After watching the DVD, she called up Kevin and talked to him about her fantasy and he loved it. He mostly just loves fulfilling her desires.

Then, Kevin arrived on horseback and dressed as a knight. Amy smiled at Kevin as soon as he got off the sable horse. He walked up to her and then sat on one knee.

"My queen. My lady Guenevere." Kevin said as he kissed her hand like the perfect gentleman that he always was.

"As much I want to pleasure you in our secret affair, but you're husband's my king." Kevin continued while in role play.

"Forget Arthur. I love you, Lancelot." Amy replied.

Kevin then softly kissed her lips. He gently pulled her body close to his. He deepened his kiss while his hands stroked her hair. Amy softly kissed his lips before she helped remove his armor. He laid her down on the blanket as he took off his black long-sleeved shirt. His strong, firm body had been one of many things about him that turned Amy on. His hands ran through the silk of her hair as they passionately kissed each other's lips. His lips then moved down to her neck while one of his hands slid down to one of her legs. Amy moaned at the feel of his kisses and caresses. Kevin then lowered his hands down to her ankles and slowly slid the skirt of her dress up to her waist. With one finger, he softly stroked her woman petal lips which were warm and wet with anticipation. He softly took her woman lips in his mouth and started suckling on them. His rough facial hair lightly brushed against her skin. For a brief moment, he looked at her. Amy let out a soft, breathy moan while he tasted her down there.

His long, dark hair brushed both of sides of her inner thighs. He continued tasting her while her juices leaked into his mouth. The tempo in Amy's moans increased by the minute. At the same time, Kevin slipped a finger in it while licking her, making her orgasms even more intense. After that, he got up and took Amy's hand. He gently brushed her hair away from one side of her neck and began kissing her there. He planted soft kisses and licks on her neck and face. His hands slowly took off Amy's dress, which fell to the ground. Kevin softly caressed her womanly body with his hands. Amy touched his body as she kneel to take his black pants off. Kevin laid himself down on the blanket as Amy tasted the sword between his legs. Kevin moaned and gasped at the feel of her lips on his cock. His hands stroked her hair up and down, feeling the satin texture.

"Ohhhhh, mmmmmm, oh Guenevere" Kevin moaned as she continued to taste him down there.

Amy took him out of her mouth as Kevin pulled her up and kissed her lips. He then slipped on a condom and Amy got on top of him. She slid her woman lips on to his cock and started riding him. Kevin's hands stroked up and down her back as she moved up and down. She held on to his arms, so she wouldn't lose her balance. Her gradually loud moans and groans were music to Kevin's ears as his hands held on to her hips. While Amy was on top, Kevin briefly kissed her lips and softly caressed her breasts.

Then, he rolled Amy on to her back on the blanket. Amy laid on her side as Kevin did the same. He slipped inside her warm, wet core again as they spooned their bodies together. He kissed her left breast while he softly squeezed the right breast with his hand. His other hand cradled the back of her neck as he kissed her lips once more. He went in and out of her deeply while his hands caressed her body. Her skin was soft to the touch in his hands. They moaned and groaned stimultaneously as they reached climaxed in each other's arms. Once they had reached to a collective orgasm, Kevin took the condom off and came near her dripping wet core. He took her had and placed it on to his chest so she can feel his heart beating. He laid on top of Amy's body and passionately kissed her lips.

They rested their passion-drenched, pheromone-scented bodies close to each other and Kevin wrapped his arms around Amy's waist.

"How was the fantasy date?" Kevin asked Amy.

Amy looked at Kevin, smiled, and said "The most amazing fantasy I ever had."

Kevin smiled back and said, "Amy, you're always a queen to me. A queen of my heart."

As Kevin kissed her hand, Amy replied "And Kevin, you've always been my knight in shining armor."


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