Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sneak peek of Howie vizzie/song fic Sex Therapy

Dr. Jenn Dalton had a very tiring day. Being a psychologist, she would lend a sympathetic ear to all her patients. Today had been a very long and tiring for her. She came home and Howie greeted her at the door with a deep kiss and a smile as he said, "Hi baby, how's my favorite female shrink doing?"

"Baby, I had a long day and I even had a bit of a headache too. But it's gone." Jenn said as Howie led her to the living room.

They sat on the plush white loveseat as Jenn laid down on his lap as she talked to Howie about her very busy day. While she talked, he listened while stroking her medium reddish brown hair. He even thought of pleasuring of her body. Jenn loved that Howie's a good listener and all.

After Jenn was done talking, Howie looked into her bluish-green eyes and said to her, "Seems like you've been very busy after hearing about your day."

"Yes baby, I've been very busy today." Jenn said in a relaxed manner.

"Would you like for me to be your therapy?" Howie said as he naughtily grinned at her.

"Baby, you know just what I like to make me feel better." Jenn replied brazenly.

Howie then kissed her lips deeply. He then gathered her in his strong arms and carried her to the upstairs bedroom.

Whoa [x4]

Stressed out, uptight,
Over worked, wound up,
Unleash what you got,
Let's explore your naughty side,
Follow me where we go,
We don't need no bread crumbs,
Can't you see baby,
You're the only one,
You are my love,
You are my love,
Let me be your medicine,
Cause I got one thing on my mind,
I'll be your valentine,
Spread your wings and baby fly away

It's your body,
We can love it you want to,
Loud if you want to,
Scream if you want to,
Just let me love you,
Lay right here girl,
Don't be scared of me,
Give you sex therapy,
Give you sex therapy,
It's your body,
We'll go hard if you want to,
As hard as you want to,
Soft as you want to,
Just let me love you,
Lay right here,
I'll be your fantasy,
Give you sex therapy,
Give you sex therapy,

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