Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deliciously Tired-AJ visual

Last night, I was tired from work. But when AJ came over to my house, I had went from exhausted tired to deliciously tired because AJ and I had really good sex that night. I mean we had sex all over the house, plenty of kisses, licks, and caresses all around. AJ and I ended up in my bedroom with our naked bodies covered in lust and sweat. My whole house smelled sweet of pheromones and vanilla, courtesy of my motion-sensored air freshener. AJ even spent the night with me last night.

The next morning, I got myself some good shuteye. Next thing you know, I was awakened with a kiss on the cheek when AJ brought me breakfast in bed, which he made himself. He fixed me bacon with scrambled eggs, toast with butter and strawberry jam, milk, orange juice, cinnamon rolls, coffee with cream and sugar, and a bowl of fresh fruit. AJ even fixed himself some breakfast too. I gave him a kiss on the lips as I started eating my breakfast. AJ and I enjoyed having breakfast together, especially in bed. Even though I enjoyed the breakfast, my mind was still on last night. After I ate my breakfast, I drank my coffee sip by sip and gave AJ a thank you kiss.

“Breakfast was really good. I enjoyed it. Thanks, baby.” I said to him and kissed his lips.

“Glad you loved it.” AJ replied as he deeply kissed my lips.

We put the dishes down on the floor, beside my bed. As we kissed, he wrapped his arms around my waist. His lips moved down to my neck and one of his hands moved down to the triangle between my thighs. I moaned and groaned as I became wet with lust and anticipation. While he kissed up and down my body, one of my hands gently stroked his cock under the covers. Our moans became in sync with each other. We finished our mutual pleasure marathon when AJ offered me a taste of my own juices from his fingers. He rolled himself on top of my body and lowered his mouth onto my love cave, licking my woman lips with his tongue.

I arched my back for a better angle. I could hear AJ’s moans as he licked me down there. My moans and groans increased in tempo, echoing within the bedroom walls. After my juices spilled onto his mouth, I laid AJ on his back, kissed his lips, and touched his lean body. I slowly moved down to his slightly awakened cock and took it into my mouth. As I softly pleasured him with my mouth, AJ moaned and groaned while his hands ran through my all my satin-like strands of my black hair. I briefly looked at him as I licked him up and down.

After all that, AJ was all ready to get inside me. I took out a condom from my nightstand drawer, gave it to him, and watched him put it on his cock. He got up and pulled me close as he slipped himself into my pussy. He went in and out of me deep while he wrapped his arms around my lower back. His breath warmed one side of my neck while I kissed and licked one of his earlobes. I leaned back as he thrusted some more. His hands held on to my hips as I laid my back against my pillow. AJ and I were hot with passion as we had reached climax.

“Come for me, baby girl.” AJ urged.

Once I came and came, he took his cock out of my pussy and splashed his man milk on to my stomach. We shared one more passionate kiss while our bodies rested. Being tired in a good way last night was great, but having breakfast in bed followed by good morning sex was really great start to an amazing day.


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