Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Petals, Pearls, and Lace-Kevin Richardson visual

I had a very busy work week at the office and the only thing I wanted to do was to slip into my pajamas, get out a romance novel, and fix myself a cup of hot green tea. I went into my bedroom and there I noticed a white box on my bed. I opened the box and there was a black lace padded bra and panties. The panties even had a strand of faux pearls between the legs. In the box was a note. The note said:

I just thought of treating you for a night of elegant romance. Kevin

After I read the note, I took the bra and panties and went to change in the bathroom. I slipped into my bra and panties; I even kept my pearl necklace on, which is a three-strand freshwater cultured pearl necklace. I took a look at myself in the mirror; the black lace underwear fit my womanly curves so perfectly. I returned to the bedroom and there was Kevin in his dark blue silk pajama pants and robe. He greeted me with a sweet, sexy smile as he kissed my lips.

“I loved my gift, baby. Thank you.” I said to Kevin.

“Baby, you look so beautiful tonight.” Kevin said as he took my hand and kissed my lips.

He gently laid me down on the bed as he admired my body with his dark green bedroom eyes. His large, gentle hands slowly and softly caressed me all over before kissing my lips again. Then, he gathered some red and white rose petals and sprinkled them all over my body. The velvety petals were soft against my skin, I smelled the petals and they were very heavenly. He caressed me with the petals, lowered himself on top of my body, and passionately kissed my lips. As he kissed me, I caressed up and down his back with my hands. His lips then moved down and kissed my neck. I sighed as he kissed me there and his hands stroked my legs. I slowly took off his robe, revealing his lean, built body. I touched his body and I heard him moan lightly. He then reached around my back and unhooked my bra. I lightly brushed the petals off of my body as he softly sucked on my breasts. I let out a moan as he kissed and licked both of them. I sighed some more as his lips moved down to my stomach.

Then, I positioned Kevin on his back as I started kissing his lips. While we kissed, his hands ran up and down my back. I kissed and licked both sides of his neck as his hands explored every inch of my body. My lips made a trail of kisses from his neck to his chest to his abs. He sighed with every kiss I made onto his body. I slowly took off his silky pajama bottoms till he was in his dark blue boxer shorts. His hands then caressed my satin-like, shoulder-length black hair. I softly caressed his manhood with my fingertips and I heard him lightly moan with my caresses and kisses. I carefully took off his boxer shorts and then I had an idea for pleasuring him.

I unclasped my freshwater pearl necklace, gathered the necklace in my hand, and slowly stroked his manhood. I had stroked up and down slowly. Kevin got turned on with each stroke I delivered to him. As I stroked his manhood, I softly licked it with my tongue.

“Ohhhhhhh…mmmmmm baby girl…” Kevin moaned as I stroked and licked him.

He continued to run his hands through my hair which loosely draped over my shoulders. I slowly took him into my mouth and his moans became deep and intense. I briefly looked into his dark green eyes as I tasted him again. After that, I passionately kissed his lips as Kevin laid me down on the bed.

“It’s my turn to please you.” Kevin said as he deeply kissed my lips.

As I laid on my back, he pushed aside the strand of faux pearls that rested between my legs and slipped two fingers inside my dripping wet pussy. I gasped loudly as he fingered my pussy lips. The sensation became more intense when he started licking my clit with his tongue. I moaned and groaned loudly and strongly as I felt myself getting wet onto his mouth. He slowly took off my panties and I watched as he slowly licked my nectar from the strand of faux pearls that rested between my thighs. I had anticipated him going down on me. I spread my legs a little wider as he kissed down my thighs. When his mouth moved down to my wet pussy, he started tasting and licking me down there. I moaned at the first lick he delivered to my pussy. I was so wet I felt like I was going to burst. After he had tasted me, Kevin wrapped his arms around my waist and deeply kissed me on the lips.

I looked into my nightstand, took out a lubricated condom, and gave it to Kevin. Once the condom was removed from the wrapper, he properly put the condom on to his manhood. He then wrapped me in his arms as he slowly entered my womanhood inch by inch. I gasped at the feel of him entering me. My womanly body moved to the rhythm of his slow, deep thrusts. His hands continued to explore my curvy body while his mouth kissed my neck, breasts, and lips. My moans and groans gradually increased in tempo and volume as he moved a little deeper. His thrusts became deeper and a little faster while he held me close to his body. Our bodies created a slick, slippery, pheromone-induced layer of perspiration as he moved in and out of my pussy. My hands held on to his lower back as things got romantically intense between us. Several minutes later, Kevin and I reached climax as we came together in sexual unison.

After the explosive orgasm, Kevin held me close and passionately kissed my lips. I, in return, kissed him back as we held each other close. Our bodies were covered in petals and pheromones while we deeply kissed each other’s lips.

“Kevin, I really enjoyed my gift. But more importantly, I really enjoyed this romantic evening with you.” I said to him.

“I just love being romantic with you, baby girl.” Kevin replied with a smile on his face.


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