Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wet Fire-Nick Carter paranormal visual

I was at the beach in the early morning, taking a walk on the shore. While I walked along the shore, I began picking up various seashells for my collection. I mostly make them into jewelry and several other crafts. I also do my part to keeping the beach clean and healthy for all people and marine animals. As much as I enjoy walks on the beach, I felt lonely inside. You see, I just had a very bad break-up with a guy I’ve dated for a while. He had cheated on me with someone I know, but I digress from talking about it. The break-up still hurts, but recovering from it was making me feel better.

Aside from all that, I let it all go from being at the beach. I could feel the cool sea breeze blowing in my black hair, the soft sand under my toes, ocean crashing against my feet, and the sun warming my face as it rises in the sky. I sat myself down on the wet sand and just enjoy the scenery. I was taking it all in when I saw a silhouette emerged from the ocean. It looked like a male silhouette swimming up and down the water as if it were a dolphin. I got out my binoculars to get a closer look. There, he was swimming in the ocean. His ripped, fit upper body was dripping wet and glistening in the sun. He got close enough to where I had walked up to him. He had short blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes.

“Hi.” I said to him.

“Hi.” He said back to me.

I reached out my hands to touch him. His ripped abs tickled against my fingertips and his skin felt wet yet smooth to the touch. Then, I noticed that his lower body was covered by a pair of fins.

I then asked him, “Are you a…?”

He said, “Yes, I’m a merman and my name’s Nick.”

I was a little awestruck but at the same time amazed by the sight of this merman. I touched his body again, this time with both hands. His fins were in shades of blue and green, sparkling in the sun with the water drops from his body. I sat with him as the ocean waves crashed against us. He then softly touched my face and before you know it he kissed my lips. After the kiss, I leaned in close to smell his scent. He smelled of the ocean, the sun, and sand. I felt his half-naked body close to my clothed body as he passionately kissed my lips again. I felt the heat and passion with every passionate kiss Nick delivered to my lips. His hands were stroking up and down my curvy body. As we kissed, he then unzipped my blue sweatshirt and slipped his hands under my white tank top. I broke the kiss while my hands traveled up and down his body.

We then laid down on the warm sand as we kissed each other’s lips some more. Nick looked into my eyes and told me how beautiful I was. I blushed at his compliment as I said to him, “You’re not too bad yourself.”

Nick slowly touched my thighs as he gently laid his body on top of mine. While he deeply kissed my lips, he then took off my sweatshirt followed by my tank top. I was then in my white bra and my green cargo shorts. His hands found the waistband of my shorts and then carefully took them off. Nick started kissing my ankles all the way up to my upper thighs. I lifted my legs up as he took off my white bikini panties. His hands then took off my white bra. His mouth began kissing and licking my womanly breasts. I loudly moaned and groaned at the feel of his hands and mouth on my body. I’ve never imagined myself being pleasured by a merman before, let alone a hot merman.

As he kissed down my body, his fingers found the waistband of my white panties. He briefly looked into my eyes, smiled at me, and licked my stomach before taking off my panties. He gently spread my legs apart and explored my womanhood with his tongue. I loudly gasped when he delivered the first lick to my pussy. I moaned even louder when he took my pussy into his mouth. My passion-filled groans and moans were as loud as the ocean waves crashing in the background. My feminine juices leaked into his mouth as he continued tasting me.

After that, Nick slipped out of his fins. His merman cock was hardening by the minute. He laid himself down as I softly and slowly licked him. I heard him moan out loud as I went down on him. His hands then gently played with my long hair. Once he was all nice and hard, he was ready to get into my womanhood. Before that, Nick took my hand and got his fins. We both went into the ocean water. As soon as we were in the water, I wrapped my legs around his waist and he deeply and slowly entered my womanhood. Nick wrapped his arms around my waist, holding on to my body. Nick thrusted in and out of me, slow and deep. Our moans and groans were intense and passionate with each thrust. It felt as though we were steaming the ocean with our lovemaking. Once we had reached climax, Nick and I came together. He deeply kissed my lips as we held onto each other while we were in the water.


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