Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sneak peek of Suga Suga Suga-Nick Carter visual/song fic

I was at my house, just relaxing in the living room when my phone started ringing. I got answered my cordless phone.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey, baby girl.” A familiar male voice said to me over the phone.

“Hey, Nick! How are you?” I said to him.

“Fine, baby. How about you?” He said back.

“Same here. I’m just relaxing at my home.” I replied.

“My body’s missing you. My hands, my lips, and especially my cock all miss you. I’ve been thinking about you all day.” Nick said to me in a sexy voice.

“I thought of you while I was in the shower. While the water dipped down my body, I touched myself thinking of you and your body.” Nick added.

Baby I love it wen your talkin to me dirty
You got me so excited and I really wanna plz you boy
I just gotta feel you boy
It's drivin me insane and I need it once again
So come and get your suga suga suga cause wen we're alone it's foreal
Ain't no jokin and I love the little thing that u do and I love it wen u
Make me say ohh wooh woo woo

Nick was getting me all hot, bothered, and excited. All this made me want him more and more. I couldn’t wait to see him, touch him, taste him, smell him, and hear him.

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