Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Captain Kevin's Conquest-Kevin Richardson historical visual

Captain Kevin was a brave, adventurous, handsome, and strong pirate, but he was also a romantic gentleman. He’s the kind of pirate who’s dashing to the ladies, yet fearsome to many other pirates when it comes to treasure. He was known was “The Seven Seas Thief” because he and his mighty crew would take the treasures before the other crews can get to it.

Beyond him being a pirate, he’s also a very handsome pirate. He was tall with dark green eyes, a goatee, and a tall, fit body. Aside from being a thief, he was also a charming, seductive romancer. He would also seduce and charm widows, maids, and wives while his crew searches the houses for treasures. One day, Captain Kevin and his crew had sailed into Jamaica, where this wealthy war captain named Andrew McVeigh lived in the summers. Captain McVeigh was on a voyage, leaving the house empty and the only person there was their upstairs maid named Kristina.

Kristina was straightening up the bedrooms while downstairs Captain Kevin and his hearty crew quietly sneaked into the house. She heard some noise as she went downstairs to the living room. Just as she was about to scream, Captain Kevin came up to her and silenced her scream with a deep, passionate kiss as he took her hand. They went upstairs to her maid quarters where Captain Kevin introduced himself to her.

“Who are you?” Kristina asked.

“The name’s Captain Kevin also known as “The Seven Seas Thief”.” He said as he kissed Kristina’s hand like a true gentleman.

Kristina felt a tingle between her thighs as she looked into Kevin’s dark green eyes. Her tingle increased as she felt his hand letting down her dark red hair as it fell down to her shoulders.

“My crew’s seeking treasure, but I personally seek yours.” He said as he looked into her eyes and took off his captain’s hat.

Kristina gasped as she said, “I’m just a maid. My master’s away on a voyage and I’m here by myself.”

“Have no fear, my lovely maid. Your pleasure is my only treasure.” Captain Kevin said as he moved a little closer and softly kissed her lips.

While he kissed Kristina’s lips, Captain Kevin slowly unbuttoned the back of her maid uniform. Kristina sighed at the feel of his touch on her back; She has never been seduced by a man before, especially if the man is a handsome pirate. He gently sat her down on her bed. She nervously yet briefly watched as Captain Kevin carefully took off her shoes. All her fears and worries melted when he softly kissed her ankles. Kristina gasped and sighed as Kevin planted kisses from her ankles to her knees.

In Kevin’s dark green eyes, Kristina was like a beautiful, rare flower with her dark auburn red hair. Her hourglass-shaped, womanly figure didn’t do her maid uniform any justice, her blue green eyes were as beautiful as the perfect turquoise ocean waters of the Caribbean, and her pink lips were soft like perfect rose petals. Kevin slowly took off his dark blue pirate jacket and white pirate shirt before dropping his weapons. He then joined her on the bed as he passionately kissed Kristina’s lips.

Carefully, he took off Kristina’s maid uniform, joining his jacket and shirt on the bedroom floor. He had a fit, strong body on him and Kristina was amazed yet aroused at the same time. She then caressed his body with her hands while Kevin kissed both sides of her neck. He gently lay Kristina down on her bed, she sighed Kevin’s hands softly touch her body. He carefully removed the bloomers from her body and caressed her bare skin. He cradled the back of her head with one hand as he deeply kissed her lips.

Kristina moaned as Kevin explored the lush bounty of her soft, womanly breasts with his mouth. His hands continued caressing her body as his mouth lower to her stomach. Kristina gasped as she felt Kevin slip his fingers into her woman cave. Kevin was amazed and turned on by how wet she has became between her thighs. Kristina was a little scared at first because Captain Kevin’s pirate, but then the thought of him seducing and romancing her became a passionate thrill for her. Since she had never been pleasured before, Kristina enjoyed every minute of being with the sexy, adventurous pirate.

Kevin then slowly got himself up and removed his boots before removing his black trousers. Kristina looked at Kevin’s naked body; he was well-built for a pirate. His built body looked as if it were blessed by the gods. Kristina was impressed, especially with the sword between his legs.

“Captain, I should tell you that I’ve never been touched before. I’m pure.” Kristina said as she looked into Kevin’s dark green eyes.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you, my lovely maid. I’ll take my time to pleasure you.” Kevin said as he came back to the bed and deeply kissed Kristina’s lips.

As he kissed her, he stroked his thorn for a few minutes. He then gently laid on top of Kristina’s body as he deeply and slowly entered her womanhood. Kristina gasped as she felt him fill her up inside. Kevin held her tight as he slowly slid his thorn in and out of her, Kristina moaned and groaned as her body quivered like a bow as she experienced her very first orgasm. She came as Kevin held her close and came inside her.

“How’s that for a first time?” Kevin said as he held tight in his arms.

“I’ve never been better.” Kristina said as she smiled at him.

Kevin took some jewels from his jacket pocket and placed them in her open hand. He then sprinkled a few gems onto her naked body.

“Oh my! Are these….?” Kristina said.

“Yes, they are yours. You, Kristina, are my own treasure.” Kevin said as he deeply kissed her lips as he held in his strong arms.


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