Thursday, July 28, 2011

Roman Passion-Kevin Richardson visual

Setting: Ancient Rome

A huge crowd filled to the capacity of the Colosseum as the anticipated the first of a few battles. Entering the Colosseum was a gladiator named Kevin. His tall, well-built body all but his legs and arms, was covered with strong body armor. Kevin’s record was without a single loss . With a sword in one hand, a shield in the other, and a helmet on his head, he was ready for his first battle.

For the first battle, he had to fight a hydra, a three-headed monster from the Mediterranean Sea. The enormous hydra was no match for Kevin , for he slayed the monster and cut off all three heads with one smooth sweep of his mighty sword. The crowd cheered for him and everyone enjoyed it, especially the females. He enjoyed being admired by the females, yet he had his heart on one particular female, the Empress Clara Gabriella.

Kevin first met Empress Clara when she and her husband, the late Roman general/emperor Octavius Augustus, watched him at his very first battle. Ever since then, the Emperor and Empress have sponsored him and with every win their rank in society had increased. A few years later, the Emperor had gone to battle, only to come home seriously wounded which then led to poor health. Sadly, the Emperor had passed away shortly afterwards, leaving Clara a widow. Today was the day the Empress made her first public appearance since her husband’s funeral and seeing Kevin again made her smile again.

Battle after battle, Kevin was undefeated and unstoppable. The crowd enjoyed every minute of it, including the Empress who watched from her special seat. Kevin briefly smiled, took off helmet, and bowed to the Empress before leaving the Colosseum victoriously. She caught his eye as he caught hers. Little does she know that Kevin had his heart and mind set on her.

That night, Kevin went to see the Empress to express his gratitude. Empress Clara was in her bedroom, relaxing. She had been sleeping alone in her bed since the death of her emperor husband had died. She was in her silkiest one-shoulder toga dress when she heard a knock on the door.

“Who is knocking on my door?” Empress Clara gently shouted.

“It is Kevin.” He said.

“You may come in.” Clara said as Kevin entered her bedroom.

“Empress Clara, I come bearing a gift to you.” Kevin said as he bowed to her.
He then offered Clara her gift, a small bouquet of long-stemmed roses that were dipped in gold made from the coins he had won.

“Oh, they’re very lovely Kevin. For that, I thank you.” Clara said to him.

“I wanted to express my gratitude for you sponsoring me.” Kevin said as he looked into her deep brown eyes.

“I’m so grateful to sponsor you.” Clara replied.

“There’s another reason I’m here today. I wondered if I can request your hand in marriage.” Kevin said standing close to her.

Clara was stunned and yet so thrilled at Kevin’s proposal.

“Empress Clara, I know it’s been hard since the passing of your husband, the emperor. I’ve secretly thought of you. Even dreamt of you.” Kevin added.

“Please tell me.” Clara said as she touched his face.

“I’ve imagined myself pleasuring you in your bed and even imagined rubbing scented olive oil on you body in the bathhouse.” Kevin said.

As he spoke, Clara couldn’t help but imagine his strong, ripped body against her womanly body. She became turned on by his long, flowing black hair, his glistening muscles, and his jade green eyes. She also wondered imagined feeling his velvet sword entering her womanhood.

“Kevin, I fully accept your proposal.” Clara said happily as she wrapped her arms around his neck and passionately kissed his lips.

As they kissed, Kevin then ran his large, strong-yet-gentle hands rested on her back. Clara moaned at the feel of his lips moving down her to the curve of her neck. Clara gently broke the kiss as she looked into his jade green eyes while Kevin looked into her dark brown eyes. Kevin scooped up Clara in his strong arms as he carried her to bed. Clara placed her hands on his strong, muscular back as she returned his kiss.

Clara then looked into his eyes again as he slowly removed the toga dress from her hourglass-shaped body. His jade green eyes took their time, sinking in the image of the empress's now naked body. Kevin gently pulled her body close to his as he deeply and passionately kissed her lips. As they kissed, Kevin sat her down on the bed. His large hands carefully slid the toga dress from her body. The dress rested on Clara’s hips as Kevin caressed her body. Kevin moved his lips from her lips down to her neck, his fingers brushed gently against her nipples. Clara let out a gasp as he took one of her nipples into his mouth.

While kissing and licking her breasts and stomach, Kevin slid his fingers under Clara’s dress and found her woman cave; she was warm and wet between her legs. Clara was caught up in the passion, enjoying Kevin pleasuring her body with his hands and mouth. She then laid herself down on the bed as Kevin slowly removed the dress from her body. Her creamy skin glowed by the moonlight, the sight of her now naked body and her long, dark hair down to the tops of her breasts visually seduced him Kevin.

His mouth moved lower to Clara’s warm, wet cave, causing him to lick his lips with lustful anticipation. Clara made a sharp moan as Kevin took the first lick on her woman cave. She loudly moaned as her juices gradually leaked onto Kevin’s mouth. He kissed, licked, and suckled her, making her wetter by the minute. As he continued orally pleasing Clara, Kevin stroked the sword between his legs with one while the other held Clara’s hand.

“Kevin......Kevin......” Clara pleasurably moaned as she called out his name.

The more Kevin licked her cave, the more he stroked himself. He wanted to pleasure every inch of her body, he wanted to fulfill her, but more importantly he want to love her. Physically, emotionally, sexually, mentally love her. Once the sword between Kevin’s legs was hard, he was ready for her.

He looked into her eyes and said, “I love you, Emperess Clara.” as his sword deeply and slowly plunged into Clara’s cave, filling her to capacity.

Clara moaned and groaned as Kevin went in and out of her. Their bodies were entwined with passion and desire, their hearts were joined by love and intimacy. Kevin held on to Clara as he moved a little harder and little faster. Clara felt her thighs quiver harder than a rumbling volcano. The two orgasmed and climaxed together as Kevin‘s seed spilled inside her with one load.

“Kevin, I love you.” Clara said as she tried to catch her breath.

“I love you too, Clara. I look forward to spending my life with you.” Kevin replied as deeply kissed her lips while holding her in his arms.

Kevin and Clara were married in a large, elaborate ceremony a couple of months later and lived happily and blissfully ever after.


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