Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Una Noche de Romance (A Night of Romance)-a Howie D. visual (FINISHED VERSION)

Late one afternoon, I was at home after a long day at work. I got out of my work clothes when I had received from Howie, my Latin lover. The text said: “Can’t wait 2 c u. Can’t wait to make love 2 u. XOXO Howie.” As I read the message, I then replied: “Already thinking of u. Jana.” After that, I went into the bathroom and fixed myself a bubble bath. I wanted to make myself feel and look desirable for him, I’m always happy to see Howie. He’s sweet, sexy, passionate, and hot; everything I ever want in a man. After my bath, I put on my favorite perfume, Mirada. I then slipped on my black and purple satin one shoulder dress with my purple wraparound stilettos. After putting on some red lipstick, I went downstairs to the kitchen and sat down on the counter. There was a knock on the door and I went to answer it. I opened the door and I let Howie into my house. “Baby, you look so handsome.” (Bebe, tu aspecto muy guapo.) I said to him. “Thanks. You’re very beautiful and sexy tonight.” (Gracias. Tu eres muy belleza y sex esta noche.) He said to me. “Red roses for my lady.” (Las rosas rojos para mi senorita.)He also said as he gave a bouquet of long-stemmed red roses. I looked at my flowers and said, “Roses for me? Thanks, my love.” (Rosas para me? Gracias, mi amor.) I put my flowers in a water-filled vase and deeply kissed Howie’s lips. As I kissed him, I slowly unbuttoned his black button down shirt. Once the shirt came off, I caressed his fit upper body. He then scooped me up in his strong arms as he carried me to my bedroom. Once there, Howie gently laid me down on top of the bed before kissing my lips. I sighed as he softly kissed my neck and felt his hands travel up and down my smooth legs. He even got a whiff of my perfume as he kissed back up to my lips. I ran my hands all over his smooth caramel skin and fit body. He slowly unzipped the back of my dress with one hand while his other hand ran through my black satin-like, medium-length hair. He looked at me with those chocolate brown eyes and said to me, “So beautiful.” (Muy belleza.) Howie passionately kissed my lips as he started taking off his pants. I sat up as I wrapped my legs around his waist and ran my hands down his back. I took off my heels while he continued to kiss me. I then watched as he carefully unhooked my bra, releasing my womanly breasts. I moaned as he cupped them into his hands and softly kissed on them. I became even more turned on when he gently sucked on them with his mouth. I moaned as he kissed his way down to my belly. As he kissed up and down my frontal body, Howie took one hand and got his cock hard while his other hand rested on one of my shoulders. He continued to stroke his cock as he laid his body across from mine, slowly taking his time kissing and licking my woman cave. I moaned and groaned ecstatically as he took his time orally pleasuring me. “You taste so sweet, my love.” He said. (Tu sabes muy dulce, mi amor.) I felt my pussy getting wet by the second, which made me feel good down there. As he softly licked me, Howie took it to another level as he slowly inserted one of his fingers. He stroked and stroked till he was nice and hard for me. I was ready for his cock to be inside me. I was ready for him, but I was patient because Howie knows how to put my needs ahead of his own, especially in bed. Howie then took out a condom from his pants pocket; I watched as he properly put it onto his still hard cock. I had a good look at his fit body, which always looked good in any light. He pulled me close as his cock entered my pussy, slowly inch by inch; he even kissed my lips between slow, deep thrusts. His strokes to my pussy were smooth and deep. He held my body close to his as he went in and out while we laid close to each other. “You feel so good in me.” I moaned in his ear. (Tu sentes muy bueno en mi.) I held on to his shoulders as his strokes got deeper and a little faster. Howie passionately kissed my lips as one of his hands slowly touched my body. Then, we changed positions as Howie laid on his back without losing hold on me. He slid his condom-covered cock deep into my pussy once more while I was on top of him. My sugar walls squeezed tighter around his cock, which made my moans and groans more intense. His hands caressed up and down my body and I slowly rode him, leaning slightly against his bent knees. I then deeply kissed his sweet lips as his cock moved in and out of my pussy. I moaned and groaned as we looked into each other’s deep brown eyes. I arched my back as I rode his cock up and down; I was near orgasmic shock as my hands gently held on to the sheets, trying not to tear them. “Come with me, my love.” Howie said to me. (Ven conmigo, mi amor.) Without losing his hold, Howie laid me on my back as we reached climax together. Our passion-filled screams were intense and passionate. We came in sexual unison as Howie took of the condom from his cock and sprayed his man milk onto my belly. He took one of the pillows from my head , placed it under my head, laid beside me, and made me come again by rubbing my clit with thumb as he inserted two fingers into my warm, wet woman cave. He even planted soft kisses on my face and neck as he held one of my hands. Once I came again, my wetness coated his fingers and Howie passionately kissed my lips as our naked, lust-perspired bodies rested close to each other. The heavy scent of pheromones and sex filled the filled the room as Howie and I had a post-coital cuddle. “I love you.” Howie whispered to me. (Te amo.) “I love you, too.” I replied as I kissed his cheek. (Te amo tambien.) THE END

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