Monday, January 4, 2016

Preview of my brand new BSB visual Naughty Naked Nick

Naughty Naked Nick (a Nick Carter visual/fan fiction) Nick came home to his house in Malibu; he had been super busy recording new music, working out, and reading a new movie script. His wife Lauren, a fitness trainer, was hard at work at the gym since this morning. At the house, Nick got undressed and hopped into the bathroom for an afternoon shower. He then slid his hand down to his cock while in the shower; his mind wandered with lusty thoughts, but not about his wife. His libido and his mind was on the new house sitter named Joanna. Lauren had hired her two weeks ago and he only knew her name. He wanted to know more about her, see her face, hear her voice, and possibly feel every inch of her body in bed. He stroked his eleven-inch cock with one hand and dialed up Joanna’s cell phone number with the other hand. “Hello?” Joanna answered on the other line. “Joanna, this is Nick. How are you?” He asked her. “Fine, thanks. And how about you?” Joanna replied. “Same here, just had a shower.” He said. “Oh okay. So what do I owe the pleasure of your call?” She said. “I want to get to know you a little better since I didn't get a chance to meet you. Being the new house sitter and all.” Nick responded. “Well, let's start with what do you look like physically.” He said. “Let’s see. I have black hair, chocolate brown eyes, and mocha skin; I’m 5’4 and very curvy.” She replied. “Hmmmm...I bet you are as beautiful as you sound. How about you come over to the house? Laura’s working on a project, so she’ll be working late.” He said. “I’ll be there shortly.” Joanna replied as she hang up her cell phone. Nick then got dressed and waited by the front door. As soon as Joanna arrived at the door, he was amazed by her appearance; Joanna was small for her size, yet she had an hourglass figure. “I’m Joanna. You must be Nick, Lauren’s husband. She told me a lot about you.” She said. “Yes indeed. Please come right in” He said as he let her in the house. The two of them went into the living room and sat on the hunter green sofa; they talked about their hobbies and interests, mostly small talk. “I have to be real with you. I thought about you when we talked on the phone.” Nick admitted. “You thought about me though we just met in person?” Joanna asked him. “Yeah, I got turned on from hearing your voice. Now that you're here in person, I’m more aroused than ever.” Nick replied. Nervous yet curious, Joanna asked him, “Are you trying to show me something?” “I’ll show you in the bedroom.” He said as he took her hand and led to the room. Joanna sat down on the bed and watched Nick as he took off his clothes. She got a good look at his fit, naked body all the way down to his eight inch semi-erect cock. She got up from the bed and caressed every inch of him with her hands. While touching him, she looked into his blue eyes and said, “I must say, you're very sexual.” Nick smiled sexily as he said to her, “I’m gonna show you how sexual I can be.” He then passionately kissed her soft lips, his hands roamed all over her fully clothed body while hers continued to touch his naked body.

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